Philips disposable dust bag FC8027

disposable dust bag
s-bag Ultra-Long Performance
Ultra-long performance
Top cleaning results and excellent filtration
s-bag is the original disposable dust bag designed to fit all cylinder vacuum cleaners from
Philips and the Electrolux Group (Electrolux, Volta, Tornado, AEG-Electrolux). Please visit for additional information.
No more hassle of searching for the right dust bag
• s-bag is the standard disposable dust bag
Best performance possible from your dust bag
• XXL 5-litre synthetic dust bag for excellent suction power
Hygienic disposal of dust bag
• Special closing system
Up to 80% longer lifetime (TÜV approved)
• 5-layers of synthetic material avoid clogging
Disposable dust bag
s-bag Ultra-Long Performance
Accessory specifications
• Disposable dust bags for: AEG bag vacuum
cleaners, Electrolux bag vacuum cleaners, FC8200
- FC8219, FC8380 - FC8399, FC8400 - FC8499,
FC8600 - FC8649, FC9000 - FC9099, FC9100 -
FC9199, HR8300 - HR8349, HR8368 - HR8378,
HR8500 - HR8599, Tornado bag vacuum cleaners,
Volta bag vacuum cleaners
• Number of dust bags: 3
s-bag is the standard disposable dust bag that is
widely available and easily recognisable by its logo. It
is suitable for bag vacuum cleaners from Philips,
Electrolux, AEG, Volta and Tornado.
Special closing system
No contact with the dust thanks to the patented
closing system.
5-layers of synthetic material
Thanks to 5-layer non-clogging synthetic material,
the cleaning performance of the s-bag Ultra Long
Performance is 80% longer than a standard dust bag.
XXL 5-litre synthetic dust bag
The extra large 5-litre synthetic dust bag guarantees
excellent suction power and filtration, thanks to its
premium 5-layer synthetic material.
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