Ewent USB Smartphone Charger Set
Easily charge your MP3 player, iPod or cell phone!
Article number
EW1201 REV.2
EAN code
Master carton
- Set of two USB chargers: one to use at home (230V) and one for in your
car (12V and 24V)
- Suitable for almost any USB device, such as MP3 player, iPod, PDA and
cell phone
- Indication led for power and charging
- The white and black design creates attractive retro look!
- Charge your USB device without using your computer
- Perfect for traveling
- 2-Year warranty
- Easy installation
- Accessible helpdesk
- AC Input: 110 ~240V
- DC Output: 5V @ 1000 mA (max)
- Car charger: suitable for 12V and 24V
Charge your MP3-player, iPod, PDA or cell phone while your computer is turned off! The Ewent EW1201 USB Charger Set is very useful when you
are at home or on the road. This set consists of a 230V charger to use at home and a 12V charger for in your car. Thanks to the standard USB port,
you can charge almost any USB device*. Simply plug the charger into the wall-outlet or car cigar lighter receptacle, and soon you can enjoy a fully
charged MP3 player or cell phone again!
- car charger 12vhome cahrger 230 v