Samsung MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution
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A flexible, efficient and engaging presentation solution for business and learning
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(Interactive White Board) solution,
Engage audiences with interactive
display technology.
Select various features to fulfill
specific requirements.
Deliver rich content and interactivity to the
classroom or meeting room
In addition, the interactivity provided by MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) helps hold audience attention and
increases participation, enhancing the overall learning
and information-sharing experience.
As budgets decrease, the need to find cost-saving
methods of teaching and distributing information increases. MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) boasts a longer
life span and reduced need for maintenance compared
with traditional projectors.
Recent developments in display technology have
opened new avenues of information sharing and presentations for education and business applications. The
expansion of large format display (LFD) usage is leading
to the replacement of traditional projectors. Interactive
e-Boards in meeting rooms and classrooms are enabling
teachers and executives to use creative, collaborative
methods to present and distribute information.
When choosing Samsung’s large 65-inch and 75-inch
LED interactive whiteboard (IWB) displays, customers
enjoy simplified installation and maintenance. Not only
are these benefits superior to traditional projectors, they
also compare favorably with the features of other IWBs
using top- or rear-projection. Samsung’s LED technology provides significantly sharper, smoother and brighter
picture quality without visual distortion.
Touch display technology is becoming commonplace,
providing stimulating new ways to attract and hold the
attention of audiences, whether in a classroom or business environment. These technologies are well suited to
support various learning and business applications.
Educational facilities and businesses are considering
touch display technology to improve student learning
and provide high-quality, effective company presentations. Educators and business executives require enhanced interactivity between facilitators and participants.
The complete MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution consists of the following elements:
White Board)
Whether they are facilitating interaction between teachers and students or business executives and clients or
staff, professionals require:
MagicIWB (Interactive White Board)
MagicIWB is powerful software that provides simplified,
direct access to e-books, CDs, videos, images, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations and Internet content.
Touchscreen technology provides stimulating
new ways to attract and hold audience attention and is replacing traditional projectors.
MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution)
This element connects teachers’ and students’ or presenters’ and attendees’ devices to encourage interactive
communication. Participants can share files and other
materials, and teachers or presenters can control audience devices during classes and presentations.
Choose from an array of elements to suit
specific needs
The MagicIWB solution provides a range of features tailored to fulfill customer needs and includes the following:
A multitouch display for interactive collaboration
This option includes an LFD with an overlay touchscreen
for applications that do not require a digital whiteboard
for writing. For those who usually use e-boards only
for presentations and simple memos, this option is a
preferred choice.
MagicIMS Agent
MagicIMS Agent provides touch-sensitive optical
technology, enabling interaction between the electronic
whiteboard and attendees’ PCs or tablets. Combined
with MagicIWB software, this element permits the presenter to access PowerPoint presentations, videos and
more with the touch of a finger.
A display with writing capabilities
For clients who use PCs for writing, this option includes
an LFD with writing software. It can be connected to the
display with a USB cable. This option is well-suited for
those who write on a PC and interact with others.
The IWB FileViewer program enables reading and printing of documents created on the IWB.
Management Solution)
Wired or wireless
Greater control of the presentation environment with
reduced distractions
Engaging visual and audio presentations for various
Decreased operational expenses
Writing software
Figure 1. The software deployment diagram for the MagicIWB (Interactive White
Board) solution.
The traditional projectors used for presentations pose visual distractions and face limits in their capabilities. The
Samsung MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution
with touchscreen technology delivers higher readability
with greater brightness and full high definition (FHD)
e-Class management software
Student software
Figure 2. Features offered in the MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution suit various educational or business needs.
Deliver impactful presentations
with powerful interactive tools.
Encourage participation and file
sharing with rich content.
A range of display sizes
Clients can choose from various size displays equipped
with overlay touchscreens. This option includes writing
software that connects to the displays through a USB
cable from the client’s PC. For clients who have a broad
range of lecture room sizes, this choice provides the
flexibility to select the best display size for each location.
Integrated into smart meeting room, Samsung LFDs and
the MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution provide
new and different business environments for conferences and meetings.
For added versatility, the LED displays can be transformed into e-Boards with the simplified installation of an
optional overlay touchscreen. The overlay touch option
uses infrared (IR) touch technology and provides a sixpoint simultaneous touch experience. A special antiglare
film covers the surface of the overlay for a smooth writing surface and a real handwriting feel. Included with the
overlay touchscreen are two Touch Pens and Samsung
MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) software. Also included is a pen tray that incorporates one upstream and
two downstream USB ports. The displays can also be
linked together to create an interactive video wall.
The result is productive, distraction-free presentations
that provide:
In addition, multiple learning and presentation modes
are provided for enhanced impact. Choices include:
Collaborate with an interactive touchscreen
Once strictly limited to signage, LFDs now take the
place of projectors in a variety of business applications.
With innovative advances in touchscreen technology,
picture quality and energy efficiency, LFDs are a better,
clearer and more cost-effective alternative to projectors.
LFDs deliver high-quality images without the distortion,
blur or glare inherent in traditional projectors.
The ability to use displays as collaboration and business tools
Clients can use the displays to collaborate and perform various business functions. This option includes
MagicInfo™-I Premium signage software along with
the overlay touchscreen and writing capability in cases
where the clients use the Samsung Setback Box (SBB).
Clients who want to display specific messages during
lecture or meeting breaks typically choose this option.
Communicate and share information brightly
and clearly
Individual exploration. Students or attendees can
conduct self-directed research.
Digital sharing. All participants can exchange
Presentation. Content is displayed for dynamic
Collaboration. Individuals and groups can work
together to achieve a common goal.
The MagicIWB solution provides:
An enhanced viewing experience
Capture students’ and attendees’ attention with a clear,
FHD-quality, antiglare screen with a wide viewing angle.
An advanced, digitally interactive environment
Embellish lessons or presentations with clip art, themes
and icons from Samsung MagicIMS Content Library.
More accurate presentations
Control and interact with content more easily using the
intuitive touchscreen that responds to the touch of a
finger or Touch Pen.
Full e-classroom functionality
Gain direct access to e-books, CDs, videos, animations,
images, PowerPoint presentations and Internet content.
Magnification and highlighting capabilities
Manipulate on-screen information using these modification features.
Reduced light scatter and reflection
Broader color contrast ratios and deeper blacks
Sharper, smoother pictures, even when images are
moving at high speeds
Brighter picture quality
Virtually no visual distortion
Drawing and on-screen note-taking
Draw and take notes on the screen while PowerPoint
files, images and Adobe® Flash® animations are displayed. Drawings and notes can be saved for future use.
Figure 4. Displays can be transformed into e-Boards with optional overlay touchscreens and Touch Pens.
Run multiple programs simultaneously
Work in various software applications at the same time.
Support an engaging, interactive experience
Figure 3. Samsung advanced LED display technology provides possibilities for a
more productive and smarter work and meeting environment.
Global expansion of data sharing and innovations in
interactive technologies are changing the way people
gather and assimilate information. As a result, businesses and educational institutions are seeking ways to use
these technologies to enhance the learning and presentation experience. The MagicIWB (Interactive White
Board) solution helps facilitators deliver rich content in
a dynamic new way that encourages participants to
Figure 5. Draw and write on the screen with drawing tools or a mouse and add
content using the Content Libraries.
Create a lasting impression with the
power of digital technology.
MagicIWB (Interactive White Board)
Lecture and teach with a robust architecture
Teachers and students or business presenters and
participants can intuitively access a range of content,
take digital notes and save the output for later reference.
Users can also administer lessons, conduct polls and
question and answer (Q&A) sessions or grade exam
papers using the Samsung Quiz Tool program.
The solution includes the Classroom Management application for use on the teacher’s or facilitator’s PC to track
and control students’ and attendees’ devices.
MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) provides an enhanced presentation experience by playing a variety of
media content, including PowerPoint presentations, images, videos and Flash animations. The whiteboard can
be used as a notebook device or for drawing functions
using an assortment of pen styles and colors.
Video Capture and Image Capture features facilitate
the sharing and storing of presentations or class content. Magnifier and Spotlight features enable part of
the screen to be highlighted, magnified or resized. The
FileViewer feature can be used to read documents created on the interactive whiteboard and to preview tasks
currently being performed on the screen. Each content
page can be moved, copied or deleted while displayed
in thumbnail view on the screen. Documents can also be
printed using this mode.
Features and benefits
MagicIWB (Interactive White
Pique interest in presentations
with direct access to rich
content and interactive tools.
MagicIMS (Interactive
Management Solution)
Encourage interactive
communication with file sharing
connectivity on participants’
MagicIMS Agent
Access and share content with
attendees with the touch of a
Save time and effort by reading
and printing documents from
the IWB.
Enrich lessons and presentations with
interactive, hands-on participation
Information-sharing methods worldwide are rapidly
evolving. With advances in digital technology happening
every day, learning institutions and businesses are uncovering powerful ways to enhance the education and
communication process.
The low-quality and high-maintenance costs of traditional information delivery methods, such as projectors,
make these methods ineffective for today’s classrooms
and meeting rooms. Samsung MagicIWB (Interactive
White Board) offers superior-quality display technology
and dependability, resulting in reduced operating costs.
Equipped with touchscreen technology and powerful collaboration tools, Samsung MagicIWB (interactive
White Board) represents a smart choice over traditional
communication methods. The solution gives teachers
and facilitators the power to deliver dynamic, engaging
lessons and presentations that leave a lasting impression while enhancing the learning experience.
Samsung touchscreen technology and powerful collaboration tools empower facilitators to
encourage interaction.
MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution) software
connects teachers’ and students’ or presenters’ and
attendees’ devices to encourage interactive communication. Presenters and participants can share files and
other materials. In addition, teachers and presenters can
control students’ or attendees’ devices during sessions.
These features are enabled by the MagicIMS Agent program installed on students’ or participants’ devices.
Figure 6. Magnify images on screen with Magnifier and Spotlight features.
2.5 GHz Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher
2 GB or greater
Graphics card
Microsoft DirectX® 9 supported (An external graphics card is recommended.)
Display screen
1,280 x 1,024 or higher (Recommended monitor resolution is 1,920 x 1,080.)
Operating system
Windows 7 / Windows 8
Assorted writing and drawing tools enable the
whiteboard to be used as a notebook device
and shared with others.
Microsoft Office (PowerPoint)
Needed to display PowerPoint files on the interactive whiteboard
Adobe Acrobat Reader® 9
Needed to display PDF files on the interactive whiteboard
Audio, video codec
Needed to play video files on the interactive whiteboard
USB (web) camera driver
Needed to display images from the camera on the interactive
whiteboard. Users must install the appropriate driver for the USB
camera that will be used.
Windows system version must support the same language that will be
Needed to avoid communication problems
Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher
Needed to access Internet content
Microsoft Areo® mode
Needed to prevent a decrease in drawing speed when using Windows,
depending on the touch device used