Micro SD cards
Class 10 with Adaptor
Easy to store! Easy to transfer!
The Philips MicroSDHC cards allow you to store photos, videos, music, data and fit with
many slots thanks to their adaptor. Also easy to carry with their small cases.
A multi-purpose card
• Store your songs, photos and videos
• Perfect for your cameras, mp3 players, games consoles
Performance and capacity
• Super-fast transfer speeds with Class10 SDHC cards
• 16GB storage capacity for large data files
Micro SD cards
16GB Class 10 with Adaptor
Storage Media
• Built-in Memory Capacity: 16 GB
System Requirements
• PC OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000; Mac OS 9.0
and higher; Linux 2.4.0 and higher
Issue date 2013-01-22
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12 NC: 8670 000 93821
UPC: 6 09585 22874 0
Super-fast transfer speeds
Thanks to the Class 10 performance and fast transfer
speeds of thsi SDHC card, you don't have to wait long
for data transfering anymore!
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