Philips Ecomoods Spot light 58012/48/16

Philips Ecomoods
Spot light
Saving in style
This sleek Philips aluminium spot light reflects a new sense of lighting in your room. The
spot heads are adjustable so you can direct the light anywhere you want it. Invite
contemporary lighting into your home.
Save energy and money
• Saves up to 80% energy
• Ultra-long bulb life
Indulge your sense of style
• Aluminium
Bathe your home in warm light
• Diffused warm white light
Special characteristics
• Adjustable spot head
Spot light
Design and finishing
• Material: aluminium
• Colour: aluminium
Product dimensions and weight
Height: 11.5 cm
Length: 22.5 cm
Width: 16.1 cm
Net weight: 1.260 kg
• Lamp lifetime up to: 6000 hrs
• IP code: IP20, protection against objects bigger
than 12.5 mm, no protection against water
• Class of protection: I - earthed
Saves up to 80% energy
• Warranty: 2 year(s)
Packaging dimensions and weight
Technical specifications
Mains power: Range 220 V–240 V, 50-60 Hz
Bulb technology: fluorescent, 230 V
Number of bulbs: 2
Fitting/cap: E14
Wattage bulb included: 12 W
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 12 W
Light colour: 2700K warm white
Height: 18.4 cm
Length: 31.3 cm
Width: 10.3 cm
Weight: 1.740 kg
• Especially designed for: Living Room and Bedroom
• Style: Contemporary
• Type: Spot light
The big advantage of fluorescent lighting is its energy
efficiency. A fluorescent lamp consumes just one fifth
of the energy of a conventional bulb. That means
installing Philips fluorescent lighting in your home to
replace standard bulbs will reduce your lighting
electricity bill by around 80%!
Ultra-long bulb life
Philips bulb included with an ultra-long bulb life, up to
6000 hours.
Diffused warm white light
This light uses the latest energy-saver lamp
technology by Philips to provide a flood of warm
white natural light. Its diffused light will illuminate
your room with warm white light, allowing you to
combine functionality and respect for the
environment. Diffused light is perfect for general
Adjustable spot head
Direct the light where you want it most by simply
adjusting, rotating or tilting the spot head of the
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Highly contemporary, aluminium is a soft, durable,
light-weight material with a soft silver colour.