Philips BlueVision Moto Automotive headlighting lamp 12342BVUBW

Philips BlueVision Moto
Automotive headlight lamp
12 V 60/55 W
Ultimate Xenon Effect
Racing performance
Its unique Philips Gradient coating™ technology creates the stylish xenon effect in your
headlight while producing a powerful 4000 K bright white light on the road. The lamp
you've been waiting for!
Brighter light on the road
• 4000 K bright white light
Unique blue effect in the headlamp
• Exclusive Gradient Coating™ technology
Automotive headlight lamp
H4 12 V 60/55 W
Technical specifications
Voltage: 12 V
Wattage: 60/55 W
Base: P43t-38
Application: High beam, Low beam
Homologation: ECE compliant (street legal)
Type: H4, H7
Packaging Data
4000 K bright white light
Green Specifications
Gradient Coating™ technology
• Packaging type: Blister
• Heavy metals: Cd free, Hg free, Pb free
Issue date 2013-01-10
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12 NC: 9234 940 17109
EAN: 87 27900 36231 2
4000 K bright white light
Exclusive Gradient Coating™ technology