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Category: Input / Output, PAD
InLine® Maus-Pad Recycled Foto, Mountain Lake, 240x190x3mm
Art.-Nr.:55472F - EAN:4043718199921
These series of pictures are selected from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. These pictures include the well-known
world heritages and vanishing nature species. For past decades, human have caused the global warming effect
by burning of fossil fuels and destroying forest sources. Droughts, heat waves, melting sea ice, floods, and
ozone loss are the chain reaction because of the higher and higher temperature. They are jeopardizing our
environment. Our earth is suffering the species damage. These selected pictures from NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC remind us we have only one earth.
We hope you join us to treasure our earth.
Mouse pad bottom is made by recycled material
Compatible with various kinds of optical and laser mouse in the market
Friendly to our environment
Dimensions: 240x190x3mm
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