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Philips LivingColors
Micro Princess
Colour your world with light
Bring a world of coloured light to your child's room with the LivingColors Micro Princess.
Playful, designed for kids and with the easy on product control, just turn it on, select one
of the 64 colours and let their imagination come to life!
For playful moments
• Child-friendly product specially designed for kids
• It's easy to change the colour with the on-product control
Let their imagination come to life
• Light up the imagination and choose from 64 different colours
• Even more fun with the automatic colour changing mode
Bedtime made easy
• Nice diffused light effect
Micro Princess
Designed for kids
showing you the whole range of colours
Choose from 64 colours
Design and finishing
• Material: synthetics
• Colour: white
Product dimensions and weight
• Height: 11 cm
• Length: 12 cm
• Width: 10 cm
Technical specifications
The LivingColors Micro Princess brings a world of
coloured light to your child's bedroom and play area.
Specially designed for kids, the LivingColors Micro
Princess is sure to create playful moments.
Nice diffused light effect
Mains power: Range 100 V–240 V
Number of bulbs: 1
Wattage bulb included: 4.7 W
IP code: IP20, protection against objects bigger
than 12.5 mm, no protection against water
• Class of protection: III — safe extra low voltage
Let their imagination come to life! Your child can
select their own favourite colour out of the 64
different colour options.
On-product control
• Warranty: 2 year(s)
Packaging dimensions and weight
• Height: 16.8 cm
• Length: 12.3 cm
• Width: 12.3 cm
• Especially designed for: Kids' room, Living Room
and Bedroom
• Style: Expressive
• Type: Table lamp
With the diffused light effect of the LivingColors
Micro Princess, the colours blend in naturally and can
also create a relaxing atmosphere. Your child can
choose their favourite colour to guide them into a
night filled with colourful dreams.
Automatic colour changing mode
By touching and swiping the colour strip on the
product, your child can easily select every colour it
likes. So easy and incredibly fun to paint the room
with coloured light.
Just push the on/off button for 5 seconds and let the
LivingColors Micro Princess do all the work by
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