Philips FC5128/81 vacuum cleaner

Philips EasySpeed
Vacuum cleaner with bag
Tough on dust, Easy on you
• 1400W
• 3 accessories
Compact and Powerful
The new Philips EasySpeed vacuum cleaner will make cleaning easier for you. Easy to to
carry, maneuver, store and powerful. You can enjoy better cleaning results in an easy way.
Powerful cleaning performance
• 1400 Watt motor for high performance
• Hard and soft floor nozzle for thorough cleaning
Compact design
• Light weight and compact, giving you the freedom to move
• Small sized appliance for compact storage
• Soft rubber wheels to protect your floors
Extra reach for perfect cleaning results
• Reach all corners thanks to the extra long ergonomic grip
• DiamondFlex Nozzle
• Small nozzle and 2-in-1 tool for cleaning furniture
Re-usable dust bag
• Washable dust bag
Vacuum cleaner with bag
1400W 3 accessories
1400 Watt Motor
reach, so you can easily clean hard to reach
Small in size
DiamondFlex Nozzle
A nozzle rotates 180° for easy reach in corners
and around objects.
Re-usable dust bag
1400 Watt motor for high performance
Thanks to its small size the appliance can easily
be stored, saving valuable space.
Hard and soft floor nozzle
Small nozzle and 2-in-1 tool
Washable dust bag
Light weight and compact
Great performance no matter the type of
floor. You can easily adjust the nozzle with the
foot pedal, using the protective brushes on
your hard floor and the smooth soleplate for
cleaning your carpet. No matter the type of
surface you will always benefit from thorough
and gentle cleaning.
Extra long ergonomic grip
This ergonomically shaped grip is convenient in
use. Its extra long design gives you farther
The small nozzle and the 2-in-1 cleaning tool which consists of a brush and a crevice tool in
one - help you to clean your furniture and
delicate surfaces.
Soft rubber wheels
You can easily carry and roll the vacuum
cleaner around when cleaning thanks to its
light weight and small size.
The vacuum cleaner moves smoothly over
hard floors without leaving any marks thanks
to the soft rubber wheels. To make sure your
floors are well protected.
Vacuum cleaner with bag
1400W 3 accessories
• Color: Citrus Orange
• Tube coupling: Conical
• Wheel type: Rubber
Nozzles and accessories
• Input power (max): 1600 W
• Input power (IEC): 1400 W
• Dust capacity: 1.4 l
• Exhaust filter: Micro filter
• Motor filter: Washable filter
Action radius: 8 m
Cord length: 5 m
Tube type: Plastic 2-P tube
Carrying handle: Top and front
• Standard nozzle: Hard and Soft Floor Nozzle
• Additional nozzle: Hard floor nozzle
• Accessories: 2-in-1 brush/crevice tool,
DiamondFlex Nozzle
• Accessory storage: On tubeclip
• Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
• User manual: 100% recycled paper
Weight and dimensions
• Weight of product: 5 kg
Issue date 2013-05-28
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