Philips Shaving conditioner HQ171

Shaving conditioner
with menthol
Menthol and vitamin enriched gel
For normal skin
NIVEA FOR MEN moisturising shaving gel for Philips Cool Skin.
Extra fresh shaving gel cartridges
• Menthol and vitamin-enriched
Moisturises your skin while you shave
• Moisturise your skin while you shave
Shaving conditioner
with menthol
• Shaving gel for Cool Skin: for all NIVEA FOR MEN
Shaver 6700 and 7700 series
Menthol and vitamin-enriched
Menthol and vitamin-enriched
Moisturise while you shave
NIVEA FOR MEN conditioner is dispensed through
the shaving heads directly onto your skin,
moisturising it while shaving. The conditioner
contains Natural Microtec, which protects your skin
against irritation
Issue date 2013-01-10
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