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2010. 08
The Samsung MultiXpress
C9350ND/ C9250ND
Introducing Samsung’s
A3 Multifunction Colour Copier
–the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Delivering a powerful document solution that’s easy to use across today’s diverse business environment can
be challenging. As offices today become increasingly demanding, we have been dedicated to creating such
a solution. The MultiXpressC9350ND and MultiXpress C9250ND have been specifically designed with
all types of users in mind – delivering simple functionality that’s accessible to everybody and will ultimately
enhance office productivity.
Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd.
Buyers Laboratory Inc.
Test Report
>> Print
Print business documents and photographic image in
outstanding quality both in color and black & white. Control
the cost of printing with the unique eco-printing feature
which saves power and toner consumption.
>> Copy
Fast output up to 35/25 cpm (35 cpm for MultiXpress
C9350ND and 25 cpm for C9250ND) for both mono and
color. Various copying and finishing capabilities are easily
achieved with the Quick Copy menu which allows users to
program nearly all commonly used copy features on one
>> Scan
Supports color and black scanning to network folders,
PCs, e-mail, fax and USB drives. The control panel allows
users to select a preview of the scanned item for checking
to save time.
>> Fax
Send, receive or forward documents with fast and reliable
Super G3 Fax mode. Register as many as 500 frequently
used locations (numbers) in memory for secure and fast
access. For added security, restrict the printing of received
faxes so they do not end up in the hands of unauthorized
>> Security
The Samsung Security Framework provides built-in security
features as standard, including:
1.Secure Management: Tracks print jobs and allows easy set up and
management of different security configurations for all types of users.
2.Secure Document: Protects hardcopy documents from possible
security breaches.
3.Secure Network: Guards against anonymous access to the
company network via the device. (SSL/TLS, IP Sec, IP v5, etc.)
4.Secure User: Only authorized users are granted access to use
the device functions.
5.Secure Data: Applies automatic encryption to protect information
from security threats.
For over 45 years, Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) has
been the leading source for unbiased and reliable
intelligence for the imaging industry.
Today, BLI remains the leading authority and provider
of critical intelligence on the imaging industry and
continually renews its commitment to provide the
highest quality products and services to Original
Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers and Business
Consumers. The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND and
MultiXpress C9250ND have each been awarded the
2010 BLI Pick and Highly Recommeneded Awards for
outstanding design quality and performance.
“In testing these impressive models, it was clear to us
that Samsung really did its homework regarding what
makes a product best in class,” BLI Managing Editor
Daria Hoffman commenting on Samsung’s win in the
BLI “Pick” Awards for the MultiXpress C9350ND and
MultiXpress C9250ND.
Table of Results1 :
Administrative Utilities
Feedback to Workstations
Ease of Network Setup
Print Drivers
Applications Compatibility
Scan Functions
Ease of Use
Security Features
1. Extract from Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND BLI Lab Test Report – Table of Results pg.1 (March 2010)
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copiers
–the MultiXpress C9350ND and C9250ND
At Samsung our experience has taught us what the key trends within the
Key Benefits
Easy Integration and Expandability
business print environment are. As No. 1 in the European A4 mono laser
printer and multifunction device markets*, the addition of our new Samsung
MultiXpress C9350ND and MultiXpress C9250ND copier devices, completes
Unique Open Architecture Platform XOA and
versatility options allowing quick installation.
our business range and places our technology at the forefront of a diverse
office landscape. Samsung’s quality manufacture and performance, now within
A3 format, has designed this range as a refined multifunctional device suitable
for any diverse office or large workgroup.
* IDC FY2009 Market Share & Performance Data
User-Friendly Design
Intuitive and efficient usability,
including the most powerful user
interface (UI) customisation, large LCD
colour touch screen and professional
finishing options.
Maximised Productivity
High quality, fast document output, extensive paper
handling and finishing options, and personalised
‘Document Box’ storage for user convenience
Powerful, Built-In Security Features
Keeping the office printing environment
safe with our advanced built-in security
framework that is certified to Common
Criteria (CC) standards.
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Easy Integration and Expandability
Document management in today’s business is demanding and complex. Delivering color and mono outputs in
high speed and high quality is a typical case. Furthermore, today’s business requires more professional-looking
documents, custimization of printing system to meet the customer’s unique environment and various demands.
The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND have been specifically designed to respond to these recent
trends with a fully modular set-up, various expandability options and a truly flexible, customizable open development
platform known as XOA. It is the perfect choice for meeting the exact needs of your office.
Versatile Product Options
XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) Software
Enabling print, copy, scan and fax from one device, saves valuable office space and resources.
The MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND have a full range of options to cater for all businesses - from small
work teams right up to large departments.
Samsung’s unique Open Architecture Platform combines True Embedded & Web Services
development technologies to create one unified SDK developing platform, Java™-based
embedded or Web-based applications. By merging these two types of development
platforms, IT departments and ISVs receive shared benefits that include:
Customer Benefits
Configuration options at a glance
Basic Configuration
Advanced Configuration
Full Featured Configuration
Main Unit + Stand
Main Unit +1,250 Standard Finisher +
Dual Cassette Feeder
Main Unit + 3,250 Booklet Finisher +
High Capacity Feeder
Max Input
Paper Capacity
520 (Cassette) x 2 +
100 (Multi-purpose Tray) =
1,140 sheets
520 (Cassette) x 4 +
100 (Multi-purpose Tray) =
2,180 sheets
520 (Cassette) x 2 + 2,000 (HCF) +
100 (Multi-purpose Tray) =
3,140 sheets
Max Output
Paper Capacity
500(Center Tray) +150 (Right Tray) = 650
1,250 sheets +150 (Right Tray) =1400
3,250 sheets +150 (Right Tray) = 3400
Department Mid-Small Work Group
(6-15 persons)
Copy/Print Center Department
Mid-Small Work Group
(Over 20 persons)
Target Market
Mid-Small Work Group
(3-10 persons)
Implement your print solutions your preferred way. – embedded or web-based.
OOB Access
Solution partners have the freedom to access ‘Out Of Box (OOB)’ features, such as print, copy and scan,
to either customise or provide completely seamless modification.
Customisable UI
Change the user interface to suit your company’s exact needs in terms of function controls,
user shortcuts and GUI Skin design.
User Extensibility
Reach every user and tailor controls and programmes to suit their bespoke needs.
The implementation of the XOA platform can make integration simple and effective allowing workgroups to
achieve a tailored multifunctional print environment.
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Intuitive and Efficient Usability
Effective print management and usability can be complicated across many multifunction devices.
The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND copier range has been designed with all types of users
in mind. With extensive, yet simple functionality that’s accessible to everybody, the Samsung MultiXpress
C9350ND/C9250ND devices can enhance productivity across your organisation. Its easy-to-use control
panel and the flexibility of a customisable user interface ensures a reliable and secure way to handle
documents and communications, as well as offering a simple way to print, copy, scan and fax.
Simple Operation.
Accomplish more in fewer steps
Access everything quickly. You won’t
waste your valuable time on complicated with Quick Copy Menu which
allows users to program nearly all
commonly used copy features on
one screen.
User Friendly Design
“The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND’s control panel is very well designed and
offers exceptional ease of use.” 2
2. Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND BLI Lab Test Report pg.13 (March 2010)
The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND range allows
user-friendly operation of the device, with the largest in its class
8.9” flexible, colour LCD control panel that easily moves and tilts
for comfortable and reliable operation.
SRA3 450X320mm
A3 420X297mm
Designed with an easy-to-use touch panel, users can gain
fast, secure access to the display screen and can establish the
current machine status, see prompts during an operation, and
easily set up menus.
Large symbols and easy to use icons offer user-friendly guidance. Icons shown on the display screen such as Fax may be
greyed out, depending on the optional kit or programme installed
in your machine. So your machine can be completely tailored to
your needs with ease.
Convenient red and green LED lights indicate the varying status
of the machine, from a simple green light – indicating the machine
is on and ready to be used – to a red LED light signifying errors,
meaning that users can always be sure of the machines status
at a glance.
Paper installation is simple, with easy-to-customise paper
length guides to make sure that your most used paper size can
be quickly replenished, and with a standard tray holding up to
1,040 sheets users can spend less time refilling the device.
Users can replace toner cartridges easily by inserting the new
cartridge into its slot until it locks in place, making it simple and
less messy compared to traditional toner replacement.
Support Various Paper Types
We offer higher than average paper
capacity, supports paper weights up
to 253gsm, and handles oversized
paper sizes up to SRA3.
Simple Operation
Easy Maintenance and Management
“Conveniently, pressing a key on the upper right of the
screen displays selections for Copy and Quick Copy...
which eliminates the need for the user to go back to
the Home screen to access these functions.” 3
“Superior network device management utility rivals
the best available and includes the ability to manage
not just devices but user access as well.” 4
4.Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND BLI Lab Test Report pg.15 (March 2010)
3. Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND BLI Lab Test Report pg.13 (March 2010)
The Quick Copy menu allows users to set the copy options quickly
from the main display screen, making navigation and setup simple.
Direct Printing Utility is a programme that can send a PDF
file directly to the device to print without having to open the file,
making print secure and fast.
Simple Installation – highly automated driver and utility installation,
including automated driver distribution across multiple users for
quick and easy set-up.
With LED light indication for when the imaging unit is at the end
of its lifespan and the ease of replacement, there is less downtime
and a reduced need for servicing, saving users time and money.
Simple Copy features allow users to enlarge or reduce sizes, duplex
and colour copy, as well as allowing various copying modes such as
N-up. All these copy features are easily accessible from the display
screen so users can format copies straight from the device.
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Increase Your Office Productivity
Multifunction copiers improve user efficiency by offering a convenient solution to the problems of multiple office devices.
The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND range delivers the reliable, high quality performance that today’s
diverse office requires. By utilising faster print speeds and convenient functions such as personal folders, this
multifunctional print range enables high levels of productivity without the complications.
Reliable Performance
High Quality Output delivers the option for user to increase the
quality of their print out directly from the display screen and is
ideal for printing general business documents, reports and presentations to the highest standards.
Samsung’s unique Scan Technology includes four convenient
PDF options to suit every user. By utilising the Compact PDF
function you can achieve additional compression of 30-60%, producing much smaller file sizes that are easy to send and receive.
Fast Print Speeds of 35/25ppm and a First Copy Out Time of
8.5 seconds means that users don’t have to wait for their documents.
For even greater ease of use, Samsung recommend the Searchable PDF option which makes your image-only PDFs simple to
find as it enables an additional text layer below the image, so
location is straightforward and fast.
With an Encrypted PDF you can send your documents as password protected files, allowing you greater security.
The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND range offers
Paper handing with higher than average paper capacity, supports
paper weights up to 253gsm and handles oversized paper sizes
up to SRA3. The multipurpose tray can also manage envelopes,
transparencies and other special media so that users can achieve
high quality documents no matter what media they need.
Store Documents sent from computers or scanned images
in personal folders located on the machine’s Hard Disk Drive
(HDD). Users can also print stored documents by using a variety
of printing features, or send the documents to emails, servers
or faxes. This means that users can manage security risks by
creating personal passwords for safe, instant access to their
frequently used document folders.
The Finisher allows users to access a range of easy and
convenient finishing options in order to produce professional
looking documents. This includes electric sorting, manual stapling
and hole-punching, as well as quick and easy booklet finishing
meaning your communications can be simply perfected for a
high-quality finish.
Office Efficiency and Ecology
The eco-button feature allows you to save print resources for
eco-friendly printing. Administrators can setup the eco-settings
to provide an environmentally friendly tailored approach, with options such as 2-Up and 4-Up printing helping you save paper,
toner and money.
When the device is not in use, users can implement the Power
Save Mode by simply holding the Power Save Button down for
one second, saving valuable energy.
Power Save Button
Eco Button
l 10 l
Manual Stapling
Samsung Advanced Toner produces sharper images and lines,
thanks to the smaller, more uniform
toner particles compared to traditional toner. The improved print resolution, wider colour range and overall
glossier finishing, enable you to easily
produce professional looking documents. The persistent wax layer and
fine fusing protects your printouts
against folds and smudges, resulting
in longer durability, while at the same
time helping to reduce paper curl and
prevent paper jams. High transfer efficiency means less toner waste and
a lower fusing temperature, reducing
power consumption.
Samsung Advanced Toner is also
manufactured in a more energy efficient way, for an overall CO2 reduction
of 35% during production, resulting in
less damage to the environment.
CO2 emission/Tone (Ratio)
You can also ensure that your electronic documents are reproduced exactly by utilising the PDF/A tool, by delivering 100%
self contained files you can guarantee that your documents are
duplicated faithfully.
CO2 emission
35% decrease
Conventional Polymerized
l 11 l
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Keeping Your Office Environment Secure
IT Security is a major concern within businesses today, which is why we have made sure you don’t have to pay extra for
it. The Samsung Security Framework is integral to our MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND range – this built-in defence,
comes as standard, working to protect against unauthorised access to data. The Samsung MultiXpress C9350ND/
C9250ND range comes fully equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a protected and encapsulated microcontroller
security chip used to protect internal data against breaches for added security, guaranteeing you protection across your
network, device and office environment. This all comes certified with the world-renowned Common Criteria (CC).
Samsung’s Secure User Access
Secure Network Functionality
Samsung’s Secure User Access protects the device by preventing unofficial users from accessing data through PIN and password authentication. It can also be utilised to approve authorisation and provide job accounting, meaning that you can manage
and restrict the access to secure documents and files sent to
your MultiXpress device.
Combined with the Secure Networking Functionality from SSL/
TLS, SNMPv3, IPSec (IPv4, IPv6), and 802.1x (with EAP), users
can access the multifunction print features quickly and securely,
creating peace of mind for your office infrastructure.
Secure Document Functionality
Secure Data Functionality
As well as User Access Security, the Samsung MultiXpress
C9350ND/C9250ND range offers Secure Data Functionality.
Security options from encryption to HDD Image Overwrite mean
users can securely store information on the device’s hard disk
drive, and by implementing an image overwrite function, users
can erase image data created during the printing, copying or
scanning processes.
Secure Management
To ensure that all security benefits are utilised to their highest levels, Samsung offers a Secure Management system to provide
logs, backup and email notification. This allows users to have an
overall view of their secure documents even after they have been
printed and stored.
Alongside the data and network security, Samsung offers Secure Document Functionality to make document tagging i.e.
watermarks and stamps, simple and easy, in order to provide
high levels of security that are convenient and affordable. Additional security can also be added to supplement the C9350ND/
C9250ND’s built-in security features.
Samsung’s security
solutions are easy to
implement and manage.
Complying with security
regulations is simple and
convenient with Samsung MFPs.
High Level of
Samsung assures
end-to-end security,
from a secure manufacturing
environment to a finished
model with accreditation
(Common Criteria).
With out-of-box security
features included, Samsung
MFPs fit your budget.
l 12 l
l 13 l
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Solution Features
Communicating effectively in a competitive business environment requires much more than high quality
network print and multifunction devices. IT decision-makers demand productive solutions that tackle specific issues in their business, enabling them to effectively manage print output and TCO; communicate with
clarity; enhance user productivity by providing pro-active support, while keeping a firm eye on overall asset
management and ROI. Samsung’s extensive range of print and document management solutions do exactly
that – combining quick, high quality print with seamless network integration and compliance, all supported
by the very latest device, workflow and security management functionality.
Document Management
Billing and Job Accounting
Samsung’s Job Accounting feature is designed to provide administrators with in-depth information on printing, scanning, copying
and faxing performed by each user on any device. This enables any business to set up individual and group accounts for printing,
ensuring that user, device and output activity can be monitored and reported in real-time. From any remote connection, IT administrators can manage and control output, setting page limits or making access to certain functions password dependant. Samsung
provides CounThru™ 2 Enterprise for print monitoring within large enterprises, which can also allow the IT partner to do this on
your behalf, for full financial and operational reporting with minimal effort.
Customer Workflow
Document management solutions assist the integration, archiving, organisation, management and retrieval of knowledge contained
in hardcopy documents. Customers can effectively streamline their document-related processes through versatile solutions such
as Samsung’s SmarThru™ Workflow. This dramatically improves office work efficiency by capturing hardcopy documents and
organising them digitally to ensure delivery to the next stage of a business process or into intelligent archive storage for simplified
retrieval whenever necessary.
Scan / Fax
Workflow 2
CounThru™ 2 Pro is a solution for Samsung Partners and supports local hosting
services. The customer’s print data is present in the Samsung Partner’s database.
Therefore, the end-customer can reduce server management costs and the Samsung
Partner can provide hosting services for multiple customers.
Document Workflow
Device Management
Today’s office printing environment is a complex array of
devices for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. For IT
network administrators to focus on providing a reliable,
value-add service delivery, it’s vital to manage this complex
print infrastructure with simple administration tools. Easy
to install and manage, Samsung SyncThru™ Admin manages networked, single and multifunction print devices.
SyncThru™ Admin 5 is an industry-leading fleet management software tool , winning the BLI 2009 Pick Award for
excellence. It provides increased efficiency and productivity by allowing IT administrators, support staff and users to
manage, monitor and diagnose multiple printing devices
remotely via a web browser.
l 14 l
Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.
Samsung SyncThru Admin 5
Outstanding Network Device
Management Solution
CounThru™ 2 Enterprise is a solution for end-customers. All print databases are present
at the customer’s site, so the customer’s information can be managed tightly.
l 15 l
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Product Configuration
Dual Cassette Feeder
High Capacity Feeder
Bridge Kit
1,250-Sheet Standard
3,250-Sheet Booklet Finisher
Right Output Tray
Working Table
Fax Kit
Fax Multiline Kit
2/3 Hole Punch Kit
2/4 Hole Punch Kit
Expansion Memory
Color PM Kit - Cleaning &
Transfer Set
Color PM Kit Tray Roller / DADF Roller /
MP Roller Set
Scanner Dehumidifying
Heater Kit
Cassette Dehumidifying
Heater Kit
Working Table
1,250-sheet Standard Finisher
Right Output Tray
3,250-sheet Booklet Finisher
Black Toner(Color)
CLT-K6062S(Europe Only)
Dual Cassette Feeder
Magenta Toner(Color)
CLT-M607S / CLT-M6072S(Europe Only)
CLT-M606S / CLT-M6062S(Europe Only)
Yellow Toner(Color) 15K
CLT-Y607S / CLT-Y6072S(Europe Only)
CLT-Y606S / CLT-Y6062S(Europe Only)
* MultiXpress C9250ND supports only CLT-C607S/CLT-C6072S(Europe Only)
* MultiXpress C9250ND supports only CLT-M607S/CLT-M6072S(Europe Only)
* MultiXpress C9250ND supports only CLT-Y607S/CLT-Y6072S(Europe Only)
High Capacity Feeder
Black Imaging Unit
l 16 l
Cyan Toner(Color)
CLT-C607S / CLT-C6072S(Europe Only)
CLT-C606S / CLT-C6062S(Europe Only)
Cyan Imaging Unit
Magenta Imaging Unit
Yellow Imaging Unit
Waste Toner Container
50-sheet Staple Cartridge
l 17 l
Samsung A3 Colour Multifunction Copier the MultiXpress C9350ND/C9250ND
Speed (Mono)
25 PPM (A4/Letter LEF)
35 PPM (A4/Letter LEF)
Speed (Color)
25 PPM (A4/Letter LEF)
35 PPM (A4/Letter LEF)
First Print Out Time (Mono)
12.5 sec
9.5 sec
First Print Out Time (Color)
13.5 sec
10.5 sec
Default : Up to 2,400x600 dpi effective output(600x600x2 dpi)
Max : Up to 9,600x600 dpi effective output(600x600x4 dpi)
PCL5, PCL6(XL), Postscript3, PDF 1.7+, XPS
25 CPM (A4/Letter LEF)
35 CPM (A4/Letter LEF)
Speed (Color)
25 CPM (A4/Letter LEF)
35 CPM (A4/Letter LEF)
A3, A4 LEF, A4 SEF, A5 LEF, A5 SEF, B4, B5 LEF, B5 SEF
Envelope Capacity
10 Sheets (MP Tray)
1GB(Max:2GB)/ 250 GB(Usable Space: 88GB)
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, Mac OS X10.5 ~ 10.6, Linux
10.5 sec
8.5 sec
Duplex Copy
Quick Copy, Proof Copy, ID Card Copy, Poster Copy, N-up Copy, Booklet Copy,
Book Copy, Copy Job Build, Covers, Edge Erase, Margin Shift,
Transparency (OHP) Interleaving, Job Interrupt and etc
Scan Speed(B/W)
60 ipm (color/mono, 300 dpi, A4/Letter LEF)
Scan Speed(Color)
60 ipm (color/mono, 300 dpi, A4/Letter LEF)
Resolution (Optical)
600x600 dpi
Scan to
Modem Speed
Network Security
Power Consumption
677.5 x 763 x 927.8 mm (including DADF )
CCC(ISO15408), IEEE P2600-2008 Compliance, WHQL
SSL/TLS, IP sec, SNMPv3, IPv6, Protocol & Port Management, IP/MAC filtering
Max 1.5kW( Ready : 250W, Low power : 50W, Sleep : 11W )
4,800 x 4,800 dpi (Twain driver only)
E-mail, USB, FTP, SMB, HDD, WebDAV, PC
ITU-T G3, Super G3
33,6 kbps
Max:600x600 dpi(B&W)
Max:200x200 dpi(Color)
HDD Back up
Auto Dial
Fax Feature
Dimension (WxDxH)
27dBA (Sleep Mode), 37dBA (Ready), 51dBA (Printing), 54dBA (Copying)
Network TWAIN
Noise Level
USB 2.0 Device, USB 2.0 Host, Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE TX
Max A3 or Ledger
Resolution (Enhanced)
8.9” Color Touch-Panel LCD, 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
First Copy Out Time (Color)
Multi Copy
100 (DADF)
ADF Document Size
OS Compatibility
Scan Size Document
l 18 l
Bond, Index, Cover, Color, Recycled, Pre-printed, Punched, Cotton,
Letterhead, Transparency, Envelope, Label
Standard: 500 (Center Output Tray)
+ 150 (Right Tray),
Max: 3,250 (Booklet Finisher, option)
+ 150 (Right Tray)
Media Type
7.5 sec
25% ~ 400%
Standard: 500 (Center Output Tray),
Max: 3,250 (Booklet Finisher, option)
+ 150 (Right Tray, option)
Cassette: 148 x 210 mm ~ 3 05 x 457 mm /
MP Tray: 98 x 148 mm ~ 320 x 457 mm
ADF Capacity
Scan : 600x600dpi
Printing :
- general Mode : 2,400x600 dpi effective output(600x600x2 dpi)
- Photo Mode : 9,600x600 dpi effective output(600x600x4 dpi)
Standard: 520 (Casssette) x 2 + 100 (MP Tray),
Max: 1,140(Standard) + 2,000(High Capacity Feeder, optioin)
Media Size
9.5 sec
Copy Features
First Copy Out Time (Mono)
Zoom Rate
Output Capacity and Type
Speed (Mono)
Input Capacity and Types
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax(Option), Network, Duplex
Speed Dial, Group, Dial, Color Fax(Send only), On-hook Dial, Auto Redial, Caller ID,
Secure Reception, Polling, MailBox, Fax forwarding, Junk Fax Block List, etc.
l 19 l