Philips Incandescent appliance bulb 8711500249791

Incandescent appliance
15 W
E14 cap
Special purpose appliance bulb
For use in refrigerators and freezers
Philips refrigerator bulbs can be used in refrigerators, freezers and similar places subject
to low operating temperatures. Easily replace your appliance bulbs with a Philips
refrigerator bulb for a long, useful life.
Special purpose lighting
• For specific applications
• For use in refrigerators
Incandescent appliance bulb
15 W E14 cap, Refrigerator, Clear
Bulb characteristics
Light characteristics
Shape: Appliance
Cap/fitting: E14
Voltage: 230–240 V
• Beam angle: not applicable degree
For specific applications
• Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day): 1 year(s)
• Lifetime of lamp: 1000 hour(s)
Power consumption
Bulb dimensions
• Energy efficiency label: E
• Wattage: 15 W
• Height: 57 mm
• Width: 25 mm
Philips special purpose incandescent light bulbs are
meant to be used for specific applications. Light bulbs
for general home lighting are available in the Philips
halogen, energy-saving and LED ranges.
For use in refrigerators
This Philips appliance bulb is specifically designed for
use in refrigerators, promising a long, useful life.
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