Philips 531524848 lighting spot

Philips Ledino
Spot light
Ledino Orbit Ceiling and Wall light
Giving light a new experience
Ceiling and wall light: Imagine revolutionary lighting design so minimalist and versatile that
you can use it in your home in radical new ways, yet so stylish and contemporary you want
to make it the centerpiece of your interior.
Advanced Technology
• Innovative LED technology with extremely long operating life
• Warm white light effect
• Extremely long operating life
Sustainable light solutions
• Saves up to 80% energy
Ease of Use
• Dimmable with low-voltage electronic dimmer
• Rotates in any direction
Spot light
Innovative LED technolog
lighting fixture conserves energy, helping consumers
to save money on their electricity bills and contribute
to preserving the environment. For home lighting
that's energy-efficient and provides great light in a
range of contemporary designs, look for Philips LED
Extremely long operating life
A light source you can trust. Philips LED lights offer an
extremely long life of at least 50,000 hours.
The PowerLED module foreseen in this Philips light
fixture offers great strong light output using a
minimum of energy with a maximum of efficiency.
Warm white light effect
Light up your home with warm white light. Philips
introduces a generation of warm white high power
LEDs. This innovation brings our lighting fixtures to
the next level, allowing you to combine elegance and
ambience creation with light and energy efficiency.
Saves up to 80% energy
Design and finishing
• Material: metal
• Color: aluminium
Product dimensions & weight
Technical specifications
Mains power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Bulb technology: LED, 120 V
Number of bulbs: 2
Wattage bulb included: 7.5 W
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 7.5 W
Light color: 2700K warm white
Lamp lifetime up to: 20,000 hrs
Beam angle: 40°
• Warranty: 3 year(s)
Packaging dimensions & weight
This fixture is compatible with a low-voltage
electronic dimmer.
Rotates in any direction
Direct the light where you want it most by simply
adjusting, rotating or tilting the spot head of the
The LED lighting technology used in Philips lighting
fixtures is highly energy-efficient. As a result, every
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Height: 13.7 inch
Length: 5.4 inch
Depth: 5.2 inch
Weight: 3.549 lb
• Especially designed for: Living- & Bedroom
• Style: Concept
• Type: Spot light
12 NC: 9150 038 02201
UPC: 0 46677 79600 6
Height: 4.8 inch
Length: 11.4 inch
Width: 4.7 inch
Net weight: 3.219 lb
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