Philips Eyecare Table lamp 67423/30/26

Philips Eyecare
Table lamp
Easy on your eyes
Helps you stay focused
Work in comfort and style with the Philips EyeCare Spoon desk lamp. The scooped head
and arm are fully adjustable and help to keep the light on your desk. The high-quality LED
emits plenty of cool white light to help you stay focused.
Optimal eye comfort
• Customised optics for even light distribution
• Designed to reduce glare and eye strain
Helps you stay focused
• Cool daylight ideal for focus and concentration
Create ideal light setting
• Advanced dimming adjustment with memory function
Ergonomic design
• Extended reach for maximum reading comfort
Table lamp
SPOON black, LED
Even light distribution
promotes concentration by maintaining energy levels
and alertness with natural light levels.
Advanced dimming with memory
Design and finishing
• Material: synthetics
• Colour: black
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Dimmer and on/off switch on article
LED integrated
Defined light beams
UK plug included
Tiltable head (up-down)
Anti-glare light source
Product dimensions and weight
With the customised optics in Philips EyeCare desk
lamps, you get light that is diffused and evenly
distributed across your workspace. This reduces
uneven lighting and dazzle, which normally leads to
tired eyes and general eye fatigue.
Reduces glare and eye strain
With its advanced dimming adjustment and memory
function, this Philips EyeCare desk lamp allows you
to find the light intensity that suits you best and
keeps it at that setting. Handy and convenient.
Extended reach
Height: 43.8 cm
Length: 40.8 cm
Width: 18.4 cm
Net weight: 1.806 kg
Technical specifications
Mains power: Range 100 V–240 V, 50-60 Hz
Number of bulbs: 1
Wattage bulb included: 15 W
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 15 W
Total lumen output fixture: 250 lm
Built-in LED
IP code: IP20, protection against objects bigger
than 12.5 mm, no protection against water
• Class of protection: II - double insulated
• Warranty: 2 year(s)
Packaging dimensions and weight
The combination of customised optics and highquality cool white LED light in this Philips EyeCare
desk lamp helps to reduce glare and eye strain.
Comfortable and with no visible flickering, it helps to
support optimal eye comfort.
Cool daylight
The ergonomic and flexible arm of this Philips
EyeCare desk lamp is designed to offer extended
reach for maximum reading comfort. Positioning is
effortless, so you won't have to bend or move
awkwardly around your desk to get your lighting
focused correctly on your workspace.
For many years Philips has pro-actively been working
on energy efficiency. As a result, most Philips
products have achieved green energy labels. The
greener the label, the lower the energy
consumption, the lower your energy bill and the
friendlier for the environment.
Various findings have pointed out that a cool daylight
colour temperature of 5500K and up to 1000 lux
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12 NC: 9150 043 51901
EAN: 87 18291 48977 1
Height: 49.6 cm
Length: 22.6 cm
Width: 22.6 cm
Weight: 2.262 kg
• Especially designed for: Home office and Study
• Style: Modern
• Type: Table lamp