DGD 6605
Steam oven with pressure
- the fastest and most powerful steam oven in the world
Rapid heat-up times and short cooking durations - PowerSteam
Plumbed in for a high degree of operating and cleaning convenience
Exemplary safety thanks to reliable safety systems
Neat and tidy - pull out shelf
Matches other appliances perfectly thanks to the lift-up door and filler panel
Type of appliance
Steam oven with pressure
S team technology and water supply
Lift-up door with trim at the top (for 3 8 cm niche)
Lift door-up without trim at the top (for combination with AB457L in a 45 cm niche)
2x7 Segment
Gourm et advantages
Mains water connection
Mains drainage connection
Drain filter
S afety
Appliance cooling system and Cool front
Precise electronic temperature regulation from 40-100°C
Safety switch-off / System lock
Steam with pressure from 101°C to 120°C
Automatic cooling down
External steam generation
Door lock
Double pressure release valve
Steam cooking
Technical data
Steam cooking with pressure
Niche dimensions in mm (W x H x D)
Convenience features
Total connected load in kW / Voltage in V / Fuse rating in A
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at once
Accessories supplied
Steam reduction at end of programme
Perforated stainless steel containers / Solid stainless steel
Actual temperature display / Recommended temperatures
Appliance door
Lift-up door in Stainless steel-CleanSteel
Black lift-up door
Pull-out surface with self-close mechanism
Door hinging
Oven cavity
Oven capacity in l
Number of shelf levels
Easy m aintenance
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish
External steam generator
Automatic descaling programme
Condensate tray
Cookery book
560 x 380 x 555
3,4 /230 /16
Length of water inlet and drain hoses in m
Order form for 1 bottle of descaling agent
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