Philips Steam Plus FC7021/01 steam cleaner

Philips Steam Plus
Sweep and Steam Cleaner
1500 W
Carpet glider
Keep your floors shiny clean with steam
Sweep and Steam Clean in one go
Keep your home shiny clean with the new Philips Steam Plus FC7021. Enjoy the most
hygienic cleaning results as steam kills germs and bacteria. This combined sweep and
steam cleaner saves you time and effort.
100% chemical free cleaning
• Suitable for tap water
• No residues on your floor
Auto Off
• Steam function stops when you pause
Hygienic cleaning results
• Steam kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria
• 1500 W for powerful steam
Time and effort saving
• Extra fast drying time
• Sweep and steam in one go
4 Microfiber pads included
• Washable and durable microfiber pads
Sweep and Steam Cleaner
1500 W 2-in-1, Carpet glider
Steam kills germs and bacteria
steaming function sanitizes. You can use each
option separately as well, or combine them to
clean your floor in one go.
loosens, lifts, and absorbs dust and dirt.
Removing dirt effectively and gently. The
microfiber pads are machine-washable and
easy to attach and remove.
Extra fast drying time
Auto pause for your safety
Enjoy the most hygienic steam cleaning results
with Philips Steam Plus. Philips Steam Plus kills
germs and bacteria. Sanitize all kind of hard
floors without chemicals and only the use of
1500 W for powerful steam
The Philips Steam Plus saves you time during
the cleaning process. Although effectively
removing visible and invisible dirt, Steam Plus
leaves the floor virtually dry.
When you pause during steam cleaning the
Steam Plus stops steaming automatically in
upright position. For extra safety and peace of
100% chemical free cleaning
1500 W for a fast heat-up time. Steam Plus is
ready to use in less than 30 sec. The LED
indication light turns from white to blue when
Steam Plus is ready to steam.
Sweep and steam in one go
The SteamPlus works with water only. It does
not leave any kind of chemical residues on your
Washable microfiber pads
Achieve hygienic results in only one step. The
combined action of Steam Plus saves you time
and effort. The sweeping function removes
dirt, dust and all kind of crumbs, while the
2 washable and durable microfiber pads are
included. The soft microfiber material gently
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How? They offer a significant
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Sweep and Steam Cleaner
1500 W 2-in-1, Carpet glider
• Color: Purple Magic
• Dimensions nozzle: 28x18x4.5 cm
• Weight (kg): <3 kg
Design features
• Noise level (Lc IEC): <75 dB
• Input power (max): 1500 W
• Input power (IEC): 1300 W
• Adjustable telescopic stick: 100 - 120 cm
• Cord length: 6 m
• Removable stick assembly: From body (with a
• Stand by mode: Auto steam shut-off
• Cord storage: On stick
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions microfiber pad: 27x11 cm
• Dust chamber and watertank: Translucent
Nozzles and accessories
• Accessories: 1 pad holder
• Cleaning: Washable microfiber pad, Fast rotating
• Steam nozzle: Carpet glider
Steam Management
Heating-up time: <30 s
Runtime (steaming): 20 min
Steam capacity: 20 g/min
Steam temp. at nozzle: >100 °C
Watertank size: 450 ml
Active calc filter
Issue date 2014-03-29
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