Philips 69176/48/PH

Philips LivingColors
LED Floor lamp short
Create the light for the moment
Flood a wall with warm yellows to drive away the winter. Create a purple glow to unwind.
The Philips LivingColors luminaires rotate, twist and extend so you can direct light
wherever you want it to suit your mood or occasion.
Choose your ambiance from amongst endless colours
• 16 million colours and any shade of white
• Dimming and adjustable colour intensity
• Adjustable speed of automatic colour changing mode
Experiment with lights to create your own ambiance
• Adjust each light individually or in any combination
• Control this, and other SmartLink lights, with one remote
• Create and store 3 favourite lighting scenes
Change all your lights with just one touch
• Easy to use remote control
• Recall your saved scene with just a touch of a button
LED Floor lamp short
16 million colours
Dimming and colour intensity
or the product itself. If there is a SmartLink
logo, it means the product will work with
other SmartLink products.
Recall your scene with a touch
Seven state-of-the-art LEDs create millions of
colours, including white light.
Adjust the brightness to suit your mood. Add
more white to the colour to get perfect subtle
Adjust one light or all
Easy to use remote control
Simply touch to change colour, dim or adjust
colour intensity to get your favourite setting.
Press one of the three scene buttons to recall
your saved lighting settings.
Store 3 lighting scenes
One remote for all lights
When connected to other Philips
LivingAmbiance products, you can change
colour, dim or adjust intensity of coloured light
luminaires and dim white light luminaires.
Automatic colour changing mode
To select automatic colour changing, sweep
your finger around the colour wheel and press
the 'I' button. Adjust the speed of colour
changing by selecting a colour – from blue for
just 5 seconds to purple for a full hour.
All of the LivingAmbiance products work
together via the same intuitive remote control
with which you can dim or change the colour
of your lights – individually or together – in any
combination you please. You can see which
products work together by looking at the box
Set each luminaire, or a combination of
luminaires, to your preferred setting. Press and
hold one of the scene buttons to store it.
LED Floor lamp short
Energy consumption: 1 x 15 W
Battery type: AAA
Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Class of protection: II
Design and finishing
Extra features
Adjustable height
Colour changing
Colour range: 16 million colours possible
Guaranteed: 2 year(s)
• Colour: Grey
• Material: Metal, Synthetic
Accessories included
• Remote control
Technical specifications
Product dimensions and weight
Light source: 1 x High Power LED
IP code: IP20
Price range: mid
Room: bedroom and living room
Style: modern
Type: floor light
Height: 37.5 cm
Length: 77.5 cm
Width: 25.5 cm
Gross weight: 6 kg
Height: 120 cm
Length: 27 cm
Net weight: 4 kg
Width: 27 cm
Issue date 2011-06-29
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