Strength. Shine. Softness
Reinventing straightening with Infusion Covers
with Care Infusion Covers
Protect and condition your hair as you straighten. Philips ActiveProtect straightener
comes with removeable Care Infusion covers, releasing conditionning ingredients - Argan
oil, Camellia oil, Avocado oil and Vitamin E - into the hair.
Conditioning ingredients for softness & strength
• Blend of rich oils and Vitamin E for softness & strength
Heat protection for every hair strand
• Care Infusion covers brings heat protection for every strand
• Removable Care Infusion covers with Empty Indicator
• Easy cover release buttons on the side of the straightener
Innovative straightening for beautiful styling
• Innovative straightening for beautiful styling results
• You can choose to style your hair with or without covers
• Safe storage of the product with soft heat protection cap
• Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair
• Prevent hair breakage with floating plates
• Faster, yet more caring with high-performance heater
• Instant heat-up time of 15secs
• Temperature control up to 200°C
ActiveProtect with Care Infusion Covers
Conditioning ingredients
temperature of to 200C***. The straightener
can be used without the covers thanks to
floating ceramic plates. *** In-use temperature,
IEC measurement: 220°C
Soft heat protection cap
Care Infusion covers
The conditioning ingredients released by the
Care Infusion Covers (Argan oil, Camellia oil,
Avocado oil and Vitamin E) are activated by the
heat from the straightener. This noticeably
increases softness and shine* as well as
preserving strength. *Tested on 60 women in
France, 2013.
Heat protection of each strand
The innovative Care Infusion Covers create a
protective shield against heat damage while
straightening. They have been designed to last
for approximately a month**. **Average
straightener use, 10 uses.
The innovative Care Infusion covers are easy
to put in place. Once both covers are well
attached to the straightener, the “Care” signal
is lighting up. The Care Infusion covers are
built on innovative technology, combining
knowledge of hair and material properties. The
heat of the straightener will activate the
covers, releasing ingredients. Thanks to the
natural straightening motion, the conditioning
ingredients will be applied to the hair. The
decoration on the covers is an Empty
Indicator. Once it has faded away, the covers
need to be replaced (in average a month or 10
Ceramic plates
Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny
Floating Straightening Plates
Easy cover release
The floating plates move, when too much
pressure is applied during straightening. This
protects the hair shaft from being damaged and
therefore avoids overall hair breakage.
Innovative straightening
Covers are easy to insert and detach thanks to
release sliding buttons on the side of the
No compromise: ActiveProtect always offers
perfect styling results with a max. caring
The special soft Heat protection cap has
multiple benefits, the most important being
that it is made of silicon-rubber, a heatresistant material. After usage, slide the cap on
your straightener to enable safe immediate
storage. It will also protect your Care Infusion
covers and straightening plates from scratching
as well as locking your straightener while
Straighten with/without cover
You can choose to style your hair with or
without covers.
ActiveProtect with Care Infusion Covers
Technical specifications
Caring technologies
Voltage: 110-240 V
Heater type: High-performance heater
Heat up time: 15 seconds
Cord length: 1.8 m
Maximum temperature: 200 °C
Temp selection: High, Mid, Low
Swivel cord
Hanging loop
Ceramic coating
Hidden display
Soft heat protection cap
• Care Infusion Covers: With Empty Indicator
• Conditioning ingredients: Blend of rich oils &
Vitamin E
• Floating ceramic plates
• Care sensor on display: When covers are well in
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Auto shut-off
• After one hour
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