Philips GoStyler
waterproof detail trimmer
Facial style
Precision trimmer
1 beard comb
Trim, Edge, & Style
with ultimate precision to define your beard style
The new Philips precision beard styler gives you ultimate precision to define your beard
Define your style
• Precision 21mm trimmer helps fine-tune details, and perfect
Easy to use
• 4mm Beard comb for maintaining a short beard
• 100% Waterproof for easy cleaning
• Includes AA battery
• 2-year guarantee, no oil needed
Waterproof detail trimmer
Facial style Precision trimmer, 1 beard comb
Precision beard trimmer
AA Battery
Precision trimmer
• Cutting element: 21 mm
• Precision beard comb: 4 mm
Power system
• Power supply: AA battery
• Guarantee: 2-year worldwide guarantee
• Lube for life: Blades need no oiling
Create any style you want with precision, even in
hard-to-reach areas.
AA battery included–so the styler is ready when you
Beard comb
Built to last
Create and maintain your short beard and mustache
with the 4mm precision comb.
All of our grooming products are built to last. They
come with a 2- year worldwide guarantee, and they
never need to be oiled.
Ease of use
• Wet & Dry: 100% waterproof
100% Waterproof
The 100% waterproof styler and attachments are
convenient and easy to rinse.
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