Philips Avance Collection
200 W
1.5 L
Masticating Juicer
Maximum juice. Minimum effort
Ideal for soft fruits, built for hard vegetables
With this juicer and its gentle squeezing technology, you can now extract a juice full of
vitamins and nutrients! Thanks to its robust motor it can handle soft fruits and hard
vegetables. Enjoy a healthy and tasty homemade juice any day!
Ideal for soft fruits
• Great taste and quality of juice with concentrate texture
• Drip stop integrated in the spout
Squeeze every drop from your fruits and vegetables
• Robust motor built to handle continously juicing for 30min
• Great taste and quality of juice with concentrate texture
• 0% BPA
Robustly built
• Built to juice toughest vegetables thanks to strong motor
• All removable parts are dishwasher safe
• Quiet motor
200 W 1.5 L, Masticating Juicer
Ideal for soft fruits
Thanks to the 1.5L jug serving all juice has
never been easier.
vegetables.It is so strong that you can easily
process the hard vegetables such as carrots
and beetroots.
Coarse sieve and a fine sieve
Quiet motor
Thanks to the gentle squeezing technology,
you can make great tasting juice that gives you
a high level of nutrition values from soft fruits
like tomatoes, pomegranate and grapes.
Drip stop
You can now choose your prefered juice
concentration. Use the coarse sieve to enjoy
more pulp into your concentrated juice.
This silent motor will allow you to use your
juicer at any time of the day without disturbing
the people around you.
BPA Free
Always keep your kitchen counter clean even
when you are done juicing.The drip stop
prevnts any juice from dripping on the table.
0% BPA
Juice continuously for 30min
Robustly built
This juicer allows you to juice a great amount
of fruits and vegetables, continously for 30min.
This silent and reliable motor will allow you to
extract maximum juice from your fruits and
For even easier and faster cleaning all
removable parts can be safely cleaned in the
200 W 1.5 L, Masticating Juicer
Design specifications
• Color(s): Black
• Material housing: Tritan (TM) plastic
• Material pusher: PP Plastic
General specifications
• Non-slip feet
Technical specifications
Power: 200 W
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Cord length: 1.5 m
Capacity jug: 1.5 l
Pulp container: 1.5 l
Issue date 2014-05-28
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