USB Flash Drive
16 GB
Tiny all-metal body
Sturdy USB 3.0 drive
The tiny and sleek Circle USB drive lets you take it anywhere. Its one-piece all-metal body
stands up to wear and tear, and USB 3.0 gives you great transfer speeds.
Designed for you
• Easy opening and user-friendly packaging
• Easy and convenient eject function
• Super-compact design
Performance and capacity
• 16 GB storage capacity for large data files
• Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 3.0
USB Flash Drive
16 GB
Storage Media
• Built-in Memory Capacity: 16 GB
• Transfer rate: reads max 30 MB/s, writes max
5 MB/s
System Requirements
• PC OS: Windows® 7, 8, Vista, XP; Mac OS 9.0 and
higher; Linux 2.4.0 and higher
• USB: Free USB port
Easy opening experience
The markings and perforations on the packaging
show you the best way to open your packaging and
get quick access to your USB stick without hassle.
Easily eject
• USB: High-speed USB 3.0
Never lose your cap again! No more caps, the USB
connector is integrated and hidden in the product
design. To use it, just press the coloured button. It
will make the USB connector appear, and then, plug
the stick in and play!
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