USB Flash Drive
Small, light, for use anywhere
USB OTG with USB and microUSB connectors
This aluminum beauty has both USB and microUSB connectors for use with computers,
smartphones and tablets! Its tiny and light aluminum body lets you carry it everywhere
you go, and its USB OTG functionality lets you use it almost anywhere!
Designed for you
• Trendy USB stick due to colorful design
• Protective integrated cap for your convenience
• Easy opening and user friendly packaging
Everything you need
• Activity indicator lights up when copying files
• Specially designed and easy to use software pre-installed
Performance and capacity
• 8GB storage capacity for large data files
• Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 2.0
• File synchronization between complete PC and UFD
• Automatic compression of all files saves free space
Safe and secure
• Protect your valuable, personal data with a password
USB Flash Drive
Storage Media
• Built-in memory type: MLC NAND Flash
• Built-in Memory Capacity: 8 GB
• Transfer rate: reads max 80MB/s, write max 5MB/s
• Cables: No
• Quick start guide: No
System Requirements
• USB: High speed USB 3.0
• PC OS: Windows® 7, 8, Vista, XP; Mac OS 9.0 and
higher; Linux 2.4.0 and higher
• USB: Free USB port
• Neck strap: No
• Warranty: 2 years
Trendy colorful design
Pick your trendy color; canary yellow, jelly pink,
ultraviolet purple, absinthe green, electric blue or
sunrise orange to pimp up your daily pursuits of
storing and sharing your data and hike up the fun
User friendly protective cap
Never lose your cap again! The protective cap is
integrated in the product design, so it will always stay
attached to the USB stick. To bring it into use, you
only have to turn the cap backwards, plug the stick
in and play.
Easy opening experience
The markings and perforations on the packaging
show you the best way to open your packaging and
get quickly access to your USB stick without hassle.
8GB storage capacity
A useful 8GB gives you the capacity to swap and
share much larger or more files via the USB port of
your PC or laptop.
Fast data transfer
High-speed data transfer rates significantly cut
annoying waiting time when you're copying large
multimedia files to or from your computer's hard
Activity indicator
An appealing glow shows you the drive is properly
connected and working, and pulsates faster when
copying files to or from its memory.
Easy to use software included
A complete software suite is included, which will run
automatically from the USB flash drive and gives you
access to useful features like, Password protection,
File synchronization, Data compression, USB lost &
found, and USB information. Additionally, it comes
with a 30-day trial for Portable Microsoft Outlook
Express, Favorites synchronization and No-trace
internet browsing.
Password protection
Due to password protection including 256-bit AES
encryption, your valuable personal data can be
protected from unauthorized access by simply using
a password.
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