Proel PLFDPLS600 smoke machine

Category: Lighting, T rus s ing, V ide o » Pro e l
Brand: PRO E L
Product Code: PLF D PLS 6 0 0
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Features • Hazer machine 600W • This unit complies with CE directives Technical
Data • Power supply: AC~230V/50Hz • Power consumption: 600W • Tank: 1.2 L •
Warm up time: 5 min. • Continuous output • Control: DMX • DMX channels: 2 ch •
IP rating: IP 20 • For best applications and correct function we recommend using
Proel Lighting fl uids. • Dimensions: 180x490x190 mm • Weight: 5.0 kg Order
Code • PLFDPLS600
Tech n i cal speci fi cati on s an d appearan ces are subj ect to ch an ge wi th out n oti ce an d accuracy i s n ot guaran teed. Al l tradem arke are th e
property of th ei r respecti ve own ers. PR OE L accepts n o l i abi l i ty for an y l oss wh i ch m ay be suffered by an y person wh o rel i es ei th er wh ol l y or
i n part upon an y descri pti on , ph otograph or statem en t con tai n ed h erei n . Col ors an d speci fi cati on s m ay vary from actual product. PR OE L
products are sol d th rough auth ori zed ful l fi l l ers an d resel l ers on l y. Th i s m an ual i s copyri gh ter. No part of th i s m an ual m ay be
reproduced or tran sm i tted i n an y form or by an y m ean s, el ectron i c or m ech an i cal , i n cl udi n g ph otocopyi n g an d recordi n g of an y ki n d,
for an y purpose, wi th out th e express wri tten perm i ssi on of PR OE L - Vi a al l a R uen i a 37/43 - CAP 64027 - San t' Om ero (TE ) I TAL Y.
For servi ce, support, or m ore i n form ati on con tact:
Proel S. p. A.
Vi a al l a R uen i a 37/43
CAP 64027 - San t' Om ero (TE ) I TAL Y
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