Philips DIS363

Philips Sonicare BreathRx
Whitening toothpaste
4 oz
Fluoride protection
Tartar control
Attack and neutralize bad breath at the source
Part of the #1 recommended breath care system
Fresh breath and a healthy smile. BreathRx toothpaste contains a unique blend of zinc
and essential oils to attack and neutralize bad breath odors, plus stain removal for
enhanced whitening, and fluoride for cavity and tartar protection.
The 3 step system
• Lasting fresh breath in 3 easy steps
• Step 1: Brush
A powerful combination of ingredients
• Cavity and tartar protection
• Neutralizes odors
Whitening toothpaste
4 oz Fluoride protection, Tartar control
Items included
Fresh breath system
• Whitening toothpaste: 4oz
• Sodium Fluoride: 0.243%
• Sugar-free
• Zytex: Zinc + essential oils
• Step: 1
Step 1
• Ounces: 4
• After opened: 6 months
• Shelf life: 36 months
Brush away odor-causing plaque with BreathRx
Whitening toothpaste.
Fluoride helps fight and protect against cavities and
Zytex, our unique blend of zinc, and thymol &
eucalyptus essential oils, neutralizes bad breath
odors for instantly fresher breath. Found in all
BreathRx products.
3 Steps
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Don't just mask odors, eliminate them in 3 easy steps
- brush, scrape, rinse. Step 1: Brush away odorcausing plaque with BreathRx Whitening toothpaste.
Step 2: Get to the bacteria that hides within the
uneven surface of your tongue with the BreathRx
tongue spray and tongue cleaner. The active
ingredient in the spray kills bad breath bacteria on
contact and neutralizes odors. The flexible tongue
cleaner gently removes bacteria build-up from the
tongue. Step 3: Rinse away the remaining germs and
debris with the BreathRx antibacterial mouth rinse.