Philips PulseRelief
& TensRelief 4 Selfadhesive electrodes
For use with PR3840 and PR3093
4 electrodes
Patented hydrogel technology
Easy magnet connection
For an active life with less pain
Recognized pain relief therapy by professionals
The Philips self-adhesive electrodes have patented hydrogel technology to minimize skin
irritation. There are 4 in a pack and recommended for up to 20 uses. The electrodes are
easy to snap on the TENS Units with a magnet connection.
Patented hydrogel technology
• Patented hydrogel technology to minimize skin irritation
Optimised for multiple use
• Recommended to use for multiple applications up to 20 times
Magnet for easy connection
• Easy magnet connection to connect TENS Units with electrodes
& TensRelief 4 Self-adhesive electrodes
For use with PR3840 and PR3093 4 electrodes, Patented hydrogel technology, Easy magnet connection
What's in the box
Self-adhesive electrodes: 4 pcs
Self-adhesive electrodes size: 50 x 50 mm
Multistick® hydrogel
Plastic seal bag
Composition of hydrogel
• Glycerin, non-tallow: (Cas. No.: 56-81-5)
• Water: (Cas. No.: 28062-44-4)
• Poly(acrylate) Co-polymer: (Cas. No.: 7732-18-5)
Country of origin
Minimize skin irritation
Our electrodes use a high quality patented hydrogel
technology to minimize the effects of skin irritation.
The electrodes are flexible so they can be applied on
irregular body contours.
Recommended use up to 20 times
To be used for multiple applications on different
body parts. The number of times the electrodes can
be used is dependent on skin type and usage. The
electrodes can easily be stored in their original
plastic package for next time use.
Easy snap-on connection
The TENS Units are connected easily with the selfadhesive electrodes by a magnet. First apply the selfadhesive electrodes to your body and then just snapon the TENS Units via a magnet connection.
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