Philips Daily Collection
Mechanical Electric
Pressure Cooker
Knob control
5 liter
900 W
More taste less time
This pressure cooker tenderizes foods in minutes
With a variety of cooking program, Philips electric pressure cooker helps to tenderize
tough food materials in minutes
Smart and fast cooking
• 0-60 mins adjustable period to keep pressure
Easy to operate
• Easy-to-program timer with count down
• Knob design for convenience
The ultimate in convenience
• Durable and non-stick inner pot
• Stainless steel outer shell for easy cleaning
• Specially-designed accessories
Safe cooking
• Three pressure control protection
• Two temperature limit protection
• Two mechanical protection enhance safe cooking.
Mechanical Electric Pressure Cooker
Knob control 5 liter, 900 W
Country of origin
Technical specifications
Design and finishing
• Included: Scoop, Spatula, Measuring cup
Cord length: 1.0 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 900 W
Voltage: 220~240 V
• Made in: China
Durable & non-stick inner pot
• Color of control panel: black
• Color(s): silver
Aluminum alloy inner pot is durable and offers more
effective heat conduction. Special colored Whitford
golden coating is anti-scratch and non-stick.
Stainless steel outer shell
Stainless steel outer shell is exquisite and easy-toclean
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