Canon imageRUNNER 3300i Brochure

Introducing the new imageRUNNER™ 3300i from Canon…
the definitive document imaging, integration, and delivery
solution for corporate workgroups.
A new era in information-management has arrived, and it’s driven by the new
Canon imageRUNNER 3300i.
Offering the full capabilities of Canon’s imagePlatform architecture, the imageRUNNER 3300i
will revolutionize the way in which individuals manage and communicate information, ideas
and knowledge—regardless of the form, content
or the location from which it originates.
Leveraging the vast power of corporate networks
and the Internet, the Canon imageRUNNER 3300i
makes seamless workgroup collaboration a
reality by allowing workgroup users to deploy all
forms of information with unprecedented speed
and unparalleled convenience.
A complete end-to-end platform with built-in
network connectivity, the imageRUNNER 3300i
may be the only multifunction device your
workgroup will ever need.
Multifunction Has Never Done
So Much For So Many.
The only thing more impressive than
the technology that Canon puts into the
imageRUNNER 3300i is the productivity
you get out of it. Never asking you to
sacrifice ease for high performance, the
imageRUNNER 3300i delivers features that far
exceed the capabilities of most stand-alone
devices on the market today.
Best of all, users and administrators are
provided with all the necessary tools for
quick and intuitive operation of all device
functions—whether at the device, through a
large, full-color, touch-screen user-interface
panel, or at your desktop, through Canonsupplied device drivers and utilities.
Your Central Communications Hub.
With a 6GB Hard Drive and 192MB of RAM, the
imageRUNNER 3300i offers a 33-page-perminute speed to meet the needs of busy
corporate workgroups and departments.
In one fully integrated device you get
advanced digital Copying and Mail Box
capabilities, exceptional network printing
and scanning, powerful Super G3 Fax
capabilities (optional), and one of the latest
breakthroughs in Canon’s long history of
digital innovation…Universal Send™ technology.
With Canon’s proprietary RAPID Fusing
System,™ the imageRUNNER 3300i provides
quick, on-demand operation that virtually
eliminates the long warm-up periods typically
associated with conventional devices, and
helps reduce energy consumption costs. A
compact design brings powerful features to
your workgroup, without compromising
office space.
Remote UI
Print Driver Device Configuration Tab
Superior Image Quality
Is Always Standard
Canon’s world-class leadership in image
quality—capturing the highest levels of detail
in every document—is standard on every
imageRUNNER 3300i. Capturing images at
true 600 x 600 dpi resolution, the device
delivers superior output quality at 1,200 x
600 dpi interpolated resolution for copy and
an astounding 2,400 x 600 dpi in print mode,
offering the most faithful reproduction
of documents on the market today.
Universal Send — An All-terrain Vehicle
for the New Information Superhighway.
A standard feature of the imageRUNNER 3300i,
Universal Send technology empowers the
workgroup in a whole new way, with
the unique ability to deploy all forms
of information, without restriction, to
multiple destinations across a diverse
and ever-changing digital landscape.
Now, network users have the ability to
send any kind of document, whether it
resides on paper or in electronic form, via a
Local Area Network, the Internet, or a
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
to multiple destinations, all in one simple,
time-saving operation.
Acting as a central hub for the high-speed
transfer of information, the imageRUNNER 3300i
can distribute documents as E-mail
attachments, Internet-fax, Super G3 Fax
transmissions (optional), forward them to File
Servers, Canon imageWARE™ Databases, or
to an internal image server Mail Box system
for later use.
Job Forwarding
With Job Forwarding, you’re never out
of reach from important information.
The imageRUNNER 3300i can automatically
route incoming documents to other devices,
destinations or databases for remote
reception, retrieval or archiving purposes.
The Key Benefits
of Universal Send
Through Canon’s Universal Send technology,
your organization can instantly achieve
greater productivity and efficiency:
• Leverages your existing network infrastructure
investment — requires no additional
hardware or dedicated servers for operation.
• Integrated ease-of-use — provides rapid
acceptance and user-friendly operation by
utilizing the same user-interface as all other
device functions.
• Improves productivity and efficiency —
eliminates the administrative burden and
costs associated with overnight mail delivery,
interoffice mail and handling large volumes
of paper.
• Speeds internal communications and
transactions — documents are delivered
at Internet speed as opposed to days or
even weeks.
• Multiple sending methods — users have
the ability to distribute documents to many
destinations, through various methods,
• Popular file formats — Documents can be
sent in industry-standard TIFF, MTIFF (Group 4)
and PDF formats for use universally.
• Better image quality and readability —
sends high resolution “originals” instead of
second-generation copies and low-resolution
fax transmissions.
Send Main Menu
Working with Electronic Documents
To make working with electronic files even
easier, every imageRUNNER 3300i comes
bundled with eCopy™ Desktop™ software.
With this utility, users can view and annotate
documents through a powerful set of mark-up
tools, and perform Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) to generate editable text.
Moreover, documents can be distributed to
other destinations right from the desktop or
saved in a database, filing system or a
document-management application.
Send Settings Screen
In addition, the imageRUNNER 3300i
tightly integrates with Canon’s imageWARE
Document Manager, a centralized document management system that provides enterprisewide access to electronic documents for
small- to large-sized offices.
Address Book Feature
When sending documents, users may enter
destination addresses through a virtual
keyboard on the touch-screen, or utilize the
imageRUNNER 3300i’s powerful Address
Book feature for speed and simplicity.
eCopy Desktop
The Address Book can conveniently store up to
1,800 addresses in the imageRUNNER 3300i’s
high-capacity memory. Sub-Address books can
be created for managing and grouping recipients
by department, regional location, etc.
With Canon’s Remote UI™ utility, the Address
Book can be accessed and managed via a
Web browser to perform functions such as
populating an address list, transferring
address lists between devices, and importing
addresses from e-mail directories (with
Canon-supplied utilities).
imageWARE Document
Manager – Client Software
Address Book
Digital Copying Productivity
In addition to its many unique features, as a
digital copier the imageRUNNER 3300i provides
considerable flexibility from simple convenience
copying to advanced in-house, productionlevel copying and finishing capabilities.
Scan-Once-Print-Many — Fully leverages the
inherent digital features of the device by
making copies from images stored in memory,
resulting in reduced scanner wear and tear.
Concurrency — Elevates overall multifunction
capabilities by synchronizing scanner,
image processor, and engine operation.
As an example, users can store up to five
copy jobs in memory and perform send
operations while other copy or print jobs are
being processed.
Job Done Notification — No need to wait at
the copier. When a reserved copy job is
complete, users can be notified via E-mail
(also works with the Send function).
Job Build — Permits the building of jobs
from disparate originals, easily integrating
documents scanned through the document
feeder with those directly placed on the platen
glass. Also allows users to process jobs that
exceed the capacity of the document feeder.
Copy Main Menu
Chapterization — Supports the creation of
chapters when copying materials that require
Page Numbering and Forms Composition —
Superimposes page numbers and previously
scanned images on copies of documents.
Special Features Menu
Cascade and Remote Copy — Double your
productivity by connecting with additional
imageRUNNER 3300i units on the network.
Users may speed the production of long-run
copy jobs, take advantage of accessories and
functionality not available on the local
device, or print output to another location on
the network for remote retrieval.
Duplex Options Menu
Copy jobs can be split between two imageRUNNER 3300i
units on a network for virtual 64-page-per-minute output.
Scanned originals can be printed to
a remote imageRUNNER 3300i on a network.
Image Server Features
The imageRUNNER 3300i provides exclusive
functionality and information-management
via an internal 6GB image server and 192MB
of RAM. With this extensive memory capacity,
the imageRUNNER 3300i hosts a number of
unique image server Mail Box functions that
allow for greater document storage and
creation capabilities.
The Mail Box can be used to store scanned
originals and print data sent from a personal
computer. Once stored in the Mail Box, the
documents can be combined and printed as
one job, or distributed to other destinations
with Universal Send—whenever it is convenient,
with the desired settings.
Mail Box–Main Menu
Document Editing Screen
View Page Screen
User Inbox Features
Additional Functionality
For easy identification and security, up to 100
User Inboxes can be assigned and named by
individual user, department or specific tasks,
with password protection.
An additional Mail Box feature includes the
ability to store received Fax or I-fax
documents in a Memory Rx Inbox or a
Stored documents can be named, moved
between inboxes, and automatically purged if
necessary. You can preview and assemble the
contents stored in an inbox at the device or
from your desktop through a Web browser
prior to printing or sending or deleting.
Confidential Fax Inbox. From this location, the
document can be previewed prior to printing
or deleting. You can even distribute the
document via Universal Send to make sure it
gets to where it needs to be.
Network Connectivity Should
Never Be An Afterthought
Seamless Integration
to Customer Networks
Each imageRUNNER 3300i ships standard as
a fully network-connected model, providing
users with the ability to leverage full system
capabilities, such as Network Printing,
Scanning and PC Faxing (optional) right from
their desktops. In choosing Canon as your
long-term solutions provider, your organization will benefit from initial investment
protection other manufacturers simply
cannot match.
A New Level of Printing Functionality
The imageRUNNER 3300i is ideally suited to
handle the printing requirements of workgroups and departments with a print controller
capable of handling 10/100 Ethernet or Token
Ring connections, using PostScript® 3™ Emulation
and PCL 5e and PCL 6 print languages.
Canon has created print-driver software
designed with an easy-to-use user-interface
that is friendly for the novice, yet capable
enough to handle the demands of power
users. The driver software displays a dynamic
image of the device, indicating installed
hardware options, paper size, and paper levels.
As attributes change, the driver automatically
informs the users of the latest device
capabilities. To further simplify use, Canon
offers the ability to view page layout settings
from within the driver prior to printing. Using
this driver capability, users are assured their
output will print as expected, with no surprises.
Other significant features include the ability
to save frequently used print settings,
annotate documents, add watermarks, and
make extensive settings related to document
finishing and booklet-making features.
We haven’t forgotten the administrator!
Canon offers multiple installation methods
for the print driver, and ships the only driver
software available in the market capable
of discovering devices on the network. This
allows administrators to automatically
configure their equipped options with just a
click of the mouse.
Page Setup Tab
Canon has equipped this system with
extensive capabilities not found on traditional
network laser printers. Some of these
enhanced capabilities include the following:
Store — Users can send print jobs to personal
image server Mail Boxes for integration with
other print or scanned data, thereby creating
new compound documents.
Finishing Tab
Secure Print — Permits entry of a confidential
PIN from within the print driver. Printing will
begin only upon entry of the confidential PIN
at the device.
Edit and Preview (Page Composer) — Users
can combine and print documents that were
created in different applications as a single
document, preview and manipulate the
merged file through a thumbnail view, and
change settings on the fly.
Building Compound Documents
Merge scanned images with documents from various applications to create one document.
Page Composer Screen
Get Even More From Your
Network Investment
In addition to Canon Universal Send and Mail
Box technology, the imageRUNNER 3300i
provides users with several additional
methods for bridging the paper and digital
worlds through Canon-supplied Scan and
Fax Drivers, and eCopy Suite.
Network ScanGear
Network ScanGear is Canon’s TWAINcompliant scanning utility and ships freeof-charge with every imageRUNNER 3300i.
Network ScanGear is user-friendly and can
be used with any 32-bit TWAIN-compliant
software application to pull scanned
images from the imageRUNNER 3300i over a
network to a destination PC or a fileserver.
Scanned images can then be manipulated
at the user’s workstation and incorporated
into other documents as needed.
eCopy Suite
The “eCopy Suite” consists of four main
components: the eCopy ScanStation,™ eCopy
ShareScan™ software, eCopy Desktop software
(bundled with the imageRUNNER 3300i), and
eCopy Viewer. eCopy’s Suite of scanning
products—available as optional packages—
provide enhanced document-distribution
capabilities for several of Canon’s
imageRUNNER product offerings. Supporting
a variety of customer environments, they
offer dynamic links to customer corporate
E-mail directories and fax servers. The ability
to automatically update and manage address
books from a central server can be of great
value to IT Managers in large enterprises.
Scanner Menu
PC Fax Capability
When the imageRUNNER 3300i is configured
with the optional Super G3 Fax Board, users
can easily send fax documents right from
their desktops. For added convenience, users
may store frequently used destinations and
attach cover sheets to their fax transmissions.
eCopy ShareScan
PC Fax Driver
Connectivity Software Simplified
Like all Canon networked systems, the
imageRUNNER 3300i comes equipped with
a comprehensive set of system utilities
designed to simplify operation and
management for both end-users and network
administrators. Through these tools, Canon
eases device installation and networkmanagement while supplying a level of device
status and job-management capabilities
unmatched in the industry. These utilities are
outlined below.
Remote UI™ — Canon’s Remote UI utility
transforms a user’s desktop into a remote
access center for the imageRUNNER 3300i. By
entering the IP address of the device from a
standard web browser, users gain instant
access to device status and settings,
job-management functions, user Mail Boxes,
and more, depending on a user’s access
privileges as assigned by the administrator.
NetSpot® Console — NetSpot Console is a
web-based utility capable of installing and
managing Canon networked systems, including
the imageRUNNER 3300i, on most customer
networks. Through NetSpot Console, network
administrators are provided a convenient,
platform-independent utility to install and
manage Canon devices from anywhere within
the enterprise. In addition to basic installation
support, NetSpot Console also delivers
administrator alerts, notifying administrators
of device status conditions such as low toner,
paper jams, and others. For added convenience,
NetSpot Console is also capable of managing
third-party printers complying with the
standard Printer MIB, thereby consolidating
network device management via one utility.
NetSpot Job Monitor — To manage and track
the progress of print jobs, Canon supplies
NetSpot Job Monitor. NetSpot Job Monitor
runs as an automated task in the Windows®
System Tray, and can be configured to report
job conditions based on administrator or
end-user preferences. Significant to NetSpot
Job Monitor is its ability to deliver end-of-job
notification to end-users, ensuring that they
are always informed of the completion of
submitted work.
NetSpot Accountant* — NetSpot Accountant
is an optional utility available for the
imageRUNNER 3300i that is capable of
providing comprehensive job tracking and
analysis for cost-accounting and workflow
optimization. Using NetSpot Accountant,
network administrators can track all activity
at the imageRUNNER 3300i, including copying,
printing, scanning, and billing internal or
external clients for device utilization. A wide
range of configuration settings are available
for NetSpot Accountant, enabling administrators
to track device usage in a myriad of ways.
NetSpot Accountant is ideal for legal
customers or any customer who needs to
account for imageRUNNER 3300i usage.
Enterprise-management Integration — In
addition to the NetSpot utilities mentioned,
Canon also supplies plug-in modules for
the most popular enterprise-management
applications in use today. Supported
applications include Microsoft® Management
Console, CA-Unicenter, HP® OpenView,®
Tivoli® NetView,® and BMC Patrol.® Through
these plug-ins, Canon permits easy management
of imageRUNNER 3300i and other Canonnetworked devices from directly within the
enterprise-management system console.
*Check with your local Canon-authorized Dealer
for availability.
Remote UI
NetSpot Console
NetSpot Job Monitor
NetSpot Accountant
An All-Star Player
Sporting All the Tools
Advanced Input, Throughput,
and Output Capabilities
While most multifunction devices are
content just to deliver the basics, the
imageRUNNER 3300i offers extensive input,
throughput, and output capabilities. As a truly
modular system, the imageRUNNER 3300i
offers considerable configuration flexibility to
meet the unique requirements of today’s office.
For maximum input productivity, the
imageRUNNER 3300i offers a standard 50sheet capacity Duplexing Automatic
Document Feeder that makes quick work of
scanning multipage and different-size
originals. The DADF-H1 leverages Trayless
Duplexing of the device and works with a
newly designed scanner for fast first-copy
output times.
The imageRUNNER 3300i ships with a
standard paper capacity of 1,050 sheets and
can be expanded to support up to 4,550
sheets. With support for numerous paper sizes
and weights, transparencies, and envelope
feeding, the imageRUNNER 3300i can meet the
volume requirements of any workgroup.
The imageRUNNER 3300i offers finishing
features that are amongst the most advanced
of any product in its class. An optional
internally mounted finishing unit makes the
imageRUNNER 3300i ideal for small office
environments with limited space. Offering
basic stapling and collating features, now
these environments can also create
professional-looking finished documents.
For more advanced document finishing,
there’s an optional Saddle Finisher-G1 which
offers stapled output, including multiposition
stapling, folded saddle-stitched booklets, and
support for two- or three-hole punched
output. An inner tray system works with the
Saddle Finisher to neatly separate copy, print
and fax output for fast distribution.
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
Environmentally Friendly Design
In an extension of Canon’s initiatives as a
concerned global citizen, the imageRUNNER 3300i
is designed and manufactured with a
number of environmentally friendly features
and innovations. Each contribute to
make more efficient use of energy, and
employ resource conservation and clean
manufacturing technologies.
Paper Cassettes and Paper Deck
Internal Finisher
Saddle Finisher
imageRUNNER 3300i Specifications
Imaging System:
Developing System:
Fixing System:
Image Server Memory:
First-copy Time:
Warm-up Time:
Copy/Print Speed:
Max. Mail Boxes Supported:
Max. Copy Reservation:
Actual Resolution:
Interpolated Resolution:
Magnification Reduction/
Paper Supply
Exposure Control:
Multiple Copies:
Max. Original Size:
Paper Weights:
Power Source:
Max. Duty Cycle:
Communication Interface
Protocols Supported:
Networked Interface
Universal Send Functions
Sending Methods:
Address Book Capacity:
File Format:
Digital, Multifunction Imaging System
Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
Dry Monocomponent Toner
RAPID Fusing System™
Standard 192MB RAM/6.0GB HDD
(Max. Capacity: Approx.
4,000 Originals)
5.8 Seconds from Platen Glass
6.6 Seconds from Feeder
10 Seconds or Less from Sleep Mode
40 Seconds from Main Power Off
33 ppm (Letter)
5 Jobs
600 dpi x 600 dpi
1200 dpi x 600 dpi (Copy)
2400 dpi x 600 dpi (Print)
256 Gradations of Gray
Standard Automatic Trayless
25% to 800% — Platen
(in 1% increments)
25% to 400% — Feeder
Dual 500-sheet Paper Cassettes
(1,000 Sheets)
Stack Bypass (50 Sheets)
Dual 500-sheet Paper Cassettes
(1,000 Sheets)
Paper Deck (2,500 Sheets)
Automatic or Manual
1 to 999
11" x 17" (Ledger)
17 lb. to 20 lb. Bond (Cassette)
17 lb. to 32 lb. Bond (Stack Bypass)
120V AC, 60Hz, 15A
OPC—Estimated Yield: 55,000
120,000 Impressions Per Month
Estimated Yield: 15,000 Images
(at 6% Coverage)
10/100 Mbps Ethernet
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX,™ EtherTalk,® SMB
10/100 Base-T (RJ-45)
E-mail, I-fax, Super G3 Fax (Optional)
File Server (IPX, FTP, SMB)
Maximum 1,800
Single Page TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PDF
Sending Sizes:
Dimensions (H x W x D)
(Printer and Reader):
Weight (Printer and Reader):
35-7/8" x 22-1/14" x 29"
(910.5mm x 565mm x 762mm)
214 lb. (97.4kg)
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder-H1 (Standard)
Acceptable Originals:
Max. Paper Weight:
Puncher Unit-K1 (Option for Saddle Finisher-G1)
Punch Method:
Punch Types:
Paper Sizes:
Sequential Processing System
2-hole/3-hole (Auto Change)
2-hole (Letter-R, Legal)
3-hole (Letter, Ledger)
Approx. 3,000 Sheets
Punch Dust Stock:
Statement-R to Ledger
50 Sheets (20 lb. Bond/Letter)
10 lb. to 32 lb. Bond (Letter)
Super G3 Fax Board-J1 (Optional)*
Applicable Line:
Public Switched Telephone
Network (PSTN)
One ( J1)
ECM-MMR Approx. 3 Seconds
per Page (33,600 bps)
Statement to Ledger
Connection Lines:
Transmission Time:**
Cassette Feeding Unit-W1 (Optional)
Paper Capacity:
Paper Size
Top Cassette:
Bottom Cassette:
Paper Weights:
2 x 500-sheet Paper Cassettes
Statement-R to Legal
Statement-R to Ledger
17 lb. to 20 lb. Bond
Envelope Feeder Attachment-B1 (Optional)
Envelope Size:
Feeder Capacity:
COM10, DL, Monarch, ISO-B5,
ISO-C5, Yougata-4
Approx. 50 Envelopes or
1-1/4" (31.75mm)
Paper Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weights:
Compression System:
Sending Sizes:
Network Multi-PDL Printer Kit-C1 (Standard)
Embedded Print/Network
Canon Custom Processor
250 MHz—Shared
192MB (Std./Max.)—Shared
PCL 5e, PCL 6, PostScript 3
136 PostScript Fonts,
117 Adobe® Type Fonts,
19 TrueType® Fonts, 80 PCL Roman
Fonts, 32 PCL Bar-code Fonts
RJ-45 (10/100 Base-T)
IEEE 1284 (Compatibility: Nibble,
Byte and ECP mode)
Token Ring* (Optional Card)
IPX/SPX: 802.2, 802.3,
Ethernet II, 802.2 SNAP,
AppleTalk®: 802.2 SNAP and
AppleTalk Phase II Only
Novell® NetWare® v. 3.2, 4.1,
4.11, 4.2, 5 (IPX/SPX),
Windows® 95/98/Me (TCP/IP),
Windows NT® 4.0 (TCP/IP),
Windows 2000 (TCP/IP), Windows XP,
Solaris™ 1.x, 2.5 or later (TCP/IP),
Apple® System 7.5 or higher (DDP)
Hard Disk:
PDL Support:
Internal Fonts:
Paper Deck-L1 (Optional)
2,500 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
17 lb. to 20 lb. Bond
Interface Connections:
Finisher-J1 (Optional)
Number of Trays:
Tray Capacity:
Staple Position/Capacity:
One Tray
300 Sheets (Letter)
Top Corner (30 Sheets)
Protocol Stacks:
Saddle Finisher-G1 (Optional)
Number of Trays:
Tray Capacity
Top Tray:
Inner 2-Way Tray:
Saddle-stitch Tray:
Staple Position:
Stapling Capacity:
Saddle-stitch Specifications
Total Sides Imaged:
Total Sets:
Attachable Accessories:
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Canon U.S.A., Inc. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR®
guidelines for energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR name is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency. eCopy, Desktop, ShareScan, and eCopy ScanStation are trademarks of eCopy, Inc. Adobe
and PostScript are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. PCL, HP, and OpenView are
registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company. Microsoft, PowerPoint, Windows, and Windows NT are
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Novell and
NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. IPX/SPX is a
trademark of Novell, Inc. Tivoli and NetView are registered trademarks of IBM in the United States. Patrol is
a registered trademark of BMC Software in the United States. AppleTalk and TrueType are trademarks of
Apple Computer, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Solaris is a trademark of Sun Microsystems,
Inc. in the United States and other countries. Canon and NetSpot are registered trademarks, and
IMAGERUNNER, RAPID Fusing System, Canon Know How, and the GENUINE logo are trademarks of Canon Inc.
IMAGEWARE is a registered trademark, Universal Send and Remote UI are trademarks, and IMAGEANYWARE
is a service mark of Canon, U.S.A., Inc. All other terms and product names may be trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners, and are herby acknowledged.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Statement to Ledger
Four trays, including Saddle-stitch
Tray and Inner 2-Way Tray
1,000 Sheets (Letter)
100 Sheets (Letter)
250 Sheets (Letter)
100 Sheets
Multiposition Stapling
(1) Top Corner, (2) Side Margin,
(3) Saddle-stitch
50 Sheets (Letter)
10 Sheets Saddle-stitched
(Letter, Ledger)
40 (10 Sheets)
1 to 5 Sheets/20 Saddle-stitched Sets
6 to 10 Sheets/10 Saddle-stitched Sets
V-folding Standard
Puncher Unit-K1
Network OS:
*Check with your local Canon-authorized Dealer for availability.
**Approximate 3-second-per-page fax transmission time based on ITU-T No. 1
Chart (MMR, Standard Mode) at 33.6 Kbps modem speed when transmitting
to another v.34 machine. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
currently supports 28.8 Kbps modem speeds or lower, depending on
telephone line conditions.
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
One Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042
printed on recycled
paper in the u.s.a.
E NERGY S TAR ® : The Symbol for Energy Efficiency