hp two-view cling
hp designjet
800 & 500,
series printers
HP Two-View Cling is a 220 micron reverse-print translucent adhesive polyester film for sophisticated graphics.
Matte on one side with a low tack adhesive glue on the other side, HP Two-View Cling is ideal for mounting on
all smooth surfaces such as windows and can be repositioned without any glue-rests on the surface.
• High quality print results with brilliant colours and sharp edge definition
• Special coating protects image from oxidation and fading and extends image life
• Durable scratch resistant matte coating
• High density inkjet receptive coating allows heavily saturated images without puddling
• Unique ultra white diffusion layer
• Designed for wide format graphic arts inkjet printing and compatible with water-based dye inks
• Specially designed for shop windows as printouts can be viewed from both sides
• Matte side designed for mirror-type printing
• Transit displays
• Photographic, POPs and indoor window signage
Limitations: HP Two-View Cling is not water resistant or waterproof and cannot be printed with uv inks.
product specification
opacity (without linen)
country of origin
environmental specification
operating temperature
operating humidity
dry time
shelf life
mounting and finishing
240 g/m2
240 microns
60-75 DIN 53146
> 3 months indoor; >1 month outdoor
< 5 min for HP 5000 series
< 4 min for CP series
< 8 min for HP 500/800 series
2 years
Film is easily mountable on all smooth surfaces such as
Windowas and can be repositioned without any
glue-rests on the surface
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Ink limit 400% (individual results may vary due to printer type, shop conditions and image).
*Download the Media profiles from www.designjet.hp.com (click on technical support, select printer and click on
icc/media profiles). If Internet access is not available, use Photo Imaging Gloss setting.
ordering information
product number
hp q1914a
hp q1915a
roll size
914 mm x 23 m
1067 mm x 23 m
UPC code
0 88698-41928 1
0 88698-41929 8
HP papers and films are guaranteed against manufacturing flaws and defects and are designed to resist printer
jams when used properly. If the user is unsatisfied with their Designjet media for any reason, they should contact
their HP reseller or dealer.
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