AT&T SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R Owner`s manual

Communications System
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
Owner’s Manual
ately. Do not plug the product back in until
it has been dried thoroughly.
To reduce risk of injury from fire or electric
shock, always follow bask safety precautions
when using this product.
Install this product securely on a stable
surface. Damage may result if the product
Install this product in a protected location
where no one can step on or trip over power
and line cords. Do not place objects on the
cords that may cause damage or abrasion.
telephone jacks before cleaning. Clean
exposed parts with a soft, damp cloth. Do
not use liquid or aerosol cleaners, and never
immerse in water.
Do not allow anything to rest on the power
cord. Do not locate this product where the
cord will be abused by persons walking on
it. Do not overload wall outlets, as this can
result in the risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not use the product near water or when
you are wet. For example, do not use it in a
wet basement or near a swimming pool,
bathtub, shower, sink, or laundry tub. If the
product comes in contact with any liquids,
unplug the power and line cords immedi-
Never push objects of any kind into this
product through housing openings because
they may touch dangerous voltage points or
short out parts, resulting in possible fire or
electric shock.
If this product does not operate normally,
see the Troubleshooting section of this
The safety symbol (exclamation point
inside a triangle) on the Attendant
ConnecT/R alerts you to the Important operating and maintenance instructions below.
1. Read and understand all instructions in this
Owner's Manual.
2. Observe all warnings and instructions
marked on the product.
3. Unplug this product from wall outlets and
manual. If you cannot resolve the problem,
or if the product is damaged, Call the AT&T
Helpline at 1-800-628-2888. Do not open the
product. Opening the product may expose
you to dangerous voltages or other risks.
to your business or home, consult your local
power company.
13. Use only a UL Listed wall plug-in power
transformer that has Class 2 outputs and
the following characteristics:
10. During thunderstorms, avoid using tele-
phones except cordless models. There may
be a slight chance of electric shock from
11. Do not use a telephone in the vicinity of a
gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, report it
immediately, but use a telephone away from
the area where gas is leaking.
Input rating:
99-127 V AC rms 60 Hz
150 mA maximum
Output rating:
27-35 V DC at 200 mA
14-18 V DC at 200 mA
The power transformer supplied with the
product has these characteristics.
12. This product should be operated only from
the type of power source indicated on the
power transformer (see Item 13, below). lf
you are not sure of the type of power supply
Table of Contents
Step 1— Mount the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
Step 2—Connect the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
Step 3—Test the Equipment
Appendix A—Wiring Requirements
Appendix B—Warranty
While reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information in this document was complete and
accurate at the time of printing, AT&T assumes no responsibility for any errors. Changes or corrections to
the information contained in this document maybe incorporated into future re-issues.
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Issue 1
January 1991
The following descriptions define important
terms used in this manual.
The SPIRIT Attendant is a device which
provides automated call-handling capabilities for the SPIRIT Communications System.
The SPIRIT Communications System
Attendant ConnecT/R provides you with
the ability to add a SPIRIT Attendant to
your SPIRIT System. It connects to the
The controller is the central processor
through which all SPIRIT calls in your
company are processed.
Figure 1. SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
SPIRIT is a registered trademark of AT&T.
This Owner’s Manual will help you set up your
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/ R for your particular business needs.
Figure 2. SPIRIT Attendant ConnectT/R Applications
Never install telephone wiring during a
Iightning storm.
Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed
for wet locations.
3. Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or
terminals unless the telephone line has been
disconnected at the network interface.
4. Use caution when installing or modifying
telephone lines.
Directly connected by a cord from one unit to the
other, or connected via a wiring run.
Figure 3. SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R with Attached SPIRIT Attendant
NOTE: The switches on the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R are not used. They have
been removed to prevent accidental incorrect installations.
Step 1 — Mount the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R (optional).
The SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R is designed
to be placed on your desk or mounted on any
vertical surface. Do not place it on the floor.
Hardware has been included to mount the
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R on the wall: two
plastic wall-mount tabs, two anchors, and two
#6 screws.
of the tab against the inside of one of the
feet. Repeat for the second tab.
1. Select an appropriate location. The SPIRIT
Attendant ConnecT/R can be no more than
six feet from its power supply (an AC outlet
that isn’t controlled by a wall switch) and no
more than six feet from the devices attached
to it. The bottom of the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R should be at least two feet from
the floor.
Position the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
so the side with the jacks and settings is
down or to the side, but not up.
Remove the backing from the plastic tabs.
Press the tabs firmly into position.
With the tabs at the top, hold the SPIRIT
Attendant ConnecT/R against the wall
where you plan to mount it and use a pencil
to mark the location of the holes in the tabs.
The bottom of the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R should be at least two feet from
the floor.
If you have plywood walls or walls with a
sturdy supporting structure (either wood
4. Gently position a tab by aligning the end of
the adhesive with the outside edge of the
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R and the side
studs or cross members), partially screw the
two screws into the wall at the marks,
remove them, hang the tabs on the screws,
and then tighten the screws.
Attendant to the SPIRIT Attendant
Please check the cabling requirements in Appendix A before proceeding. Consult with the
person who customized your SPIRIT System
before attaching the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R to the controller.
NOTE: The "4-wire cord" mentioned in the
steps below comes with the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R. Any cord you may have
that is connecting a SPIRIT Telehone to
the controller is also 4-wire cord .
For plaster, plasterboard, cinder block, or
brick surfaces, drill a 3/16" hole at each
mark and insert an anchor into each of the
holes. Gently tap each anchor with a hammer until it is flush with the surface. Screw
the screws partially into the anchors, remove
them, hang the tabs on the screws, and then
tighten the screws.
Step 2 — Connect the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R to the controller and the SPIRIT
1. Connect the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
to the Controller. Using 4-wire cord, plug
one end into the CTRLR jack on the back of
the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R and
connect the other end into the STATION jack
on the controller.
3. Do not connect a SPIRIT Telephone to the
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R.
4. Connect the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R
to the AC power outlet. Plug the power
connector into the POWER jack on the back
2. Connect the SPIRIT Attendant to the
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R. Using the
line cord provided with the SPIRIT Attendant, plug one end into the LINE jack (or its
equivalent) on the back of the SPIRIT
Attendant and connect the other end to the
TEL DEVICE jack on the SPIRIT Attendant
of the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R. To
prevent the power cord from pulling out
easily, make a small loop of cord near the
power connector and slip it behind the strain
relief tab next to the POWER jack on the
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R. Plug the
wall transformer into an AC power outlet
that is at least 3 feet away from the controller
and not controlled by a wall switch. (If it is
any closer to the controller, you may hear a
hum on your SPIRIT System.)
NOTE: Use only a UL Listed wall plug-in
power transformer that has Class 2
outputs and the following characteristics:
Input rating:
99-127 V AC rms 60 llz
150 mA maximum
0utput rating:
27-35 V DC at 200 mA
14-18 V DC at 200 mA
The power transformer supplied with the
ConntecT/R has these characteristics.
Step 3 — Test the equipment.
After the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R is
Installed, test the SPIRIT Attendant by placing a
call to be answered by the SPIRIT Attendant.
If you have any problems, see the Troubleshooting section of this manual for more information.
NOTE: If the caller requests the SPIRIT
Attendant to transfer a call to an extension
number that is between the valid programed lowest and highest extension but
there is no station set plugged into that
station port, the caller will be placed on
hold and the SPIRIT Attendant will not bc
able to retrieve the call. To help prevent
this from occuring, careful attention
should be given to setting the lowest/
highest extension numbers and try to avoid
skipping over extension numbers while
assigning them.
This section should help you determine the
cause of problems you might encounter and
help you resolve them.
device operates. Call the AT&T Helpline at
1-800-628-2888 if you need assistance.
Remember that the way your SPIRIT System
was customized may influence how a particular
Operational Difficulty
What to Check
SPIRIT Attendant doesn’t respond to outside calls
Night Service customization*
Do Not Disturb active
Delayed Ringing active*
Abbreviated Ringing active*
No Ringing active*
No Access active*
Status of lines assigned to SPIRIT Attendant
station port (i.e., are all the Iines on hold?)
SPIRIT Attendant doesn’t respond to intercom calls
Call Forward active
SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R is very warm to the touch
This is normal, especially if the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R as been covered by papers or
other materials, or if the room temperature is
warmer than average.
Check with the person in your organization responsible for the SPIRIT System.
Appendix A — Wiring Requirements
Note the following cabling requirements before
connecting the equipment. If these limits (which
are the same ones that apply to our current
SPIRIT System) are exceeded, the SPIRIT
Attendant ConnecT/R may not work properly.
The total wire length from the controller to
the SPIRIT Attendant cannot exceed a total
of 1000 feet of 24- gauge DIW (twisted-pair
copper) wire or 22-gauge D station wire,
plus 25 feet of 4-wire line cord.
If the SPIRIT Attendant ConnecT/R is
installed outside the building where the
controller is located, using exposed wiring
In-Range/Out-of-Building protectors (IROB
TII Model 371 or ITW Model SP69073, AT&T
order number 31304) must be installed by a
qualified technician. Contact your AT&T
representative for additional information.
If the SPIRIT Attendant will be in a building
other than where the SPIRIT Attendant
ConnecT/R is located, a Block Protector
must be installed by a qualified technician.
Order an AT&T Model 4ClS (comcode
104386545). In addition, you will need a
Building Entrance Protector, which can
house up to six 4C1S Block Protectors.
Order Model 110ANA1-06 (comcode
105736482). Contact your AT&T representative for additional information.
Appendix B — Limited Product Warranty and Limitation of Liability
AT&T warrants that the product will be free from
defects in material and workmanship for one year
from the date of purchase. If the product becomes
defective and such defect reported to AT&T
within the one-year warranty period, AT&T will
repair or replace the product, at its option, without
charge. Any repair or replacement parts or products may be new, remanufactured or refurbished at
the option of AT&T. If AT&T determines that the
product cannot be repaired or replaced, AT&T will
refund the purchase price of the product. All work
under the warranty will be performed by AT&T or
its agents during AT&T’s normal business hours
within a reasonable time after notice to AT&T of a
The limited warranty provided above does not
cover damages, defects, malfunctions or product
failures caused by:
Failure to follow AT&T's installation, operation
or maintenance instructions.
Unauthorized modification or alteration of the
Product abuse, misuse or the negligent acts of
persons not under the reasonable control of
Except for damages for personal injury, the liability
of AT&T, its affiliates, suppliers and dealers for any
loss or damage resulting from any product defect or
performance under this warranty and regardless of
the form of action shall be limited to repair or
rcplacement of the product or a refund of the
product’s purchase price. In no event shall AT&T, its
affiliates, suppliers and dealers be liable for indirect,
reliance, incidental or consequential damage or loss
(including loss of profits) caused or alleged to have
been caused by the product.
AT&T Helpline 8
Controller 1
CTRLR jack 6
Installation 3
Connect the ConnecT/R 5
Connect the SPIRIT Attendant
Mount the ConnecT/R 4
Test the equipment 7
POWER jack 6
Power Transformer 6
Safety Instructions 3
SPIRIT Attendant 1
STATION jack 5
Troubleshooting 8
FCC Warning Statement
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15
of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful Interference when the
equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with this Owner’s Manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which the user will be required to correct the interference at his or her own expense.
CAUTlON: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the
user's authority to operate the equipment.
Comcode 106455868
Issue 1, January 1991
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