Whirlpool EEV 201 X User's Manual

Use and care
Model EEV 201 X
To help you get the most from your new freezer
Before starting your freezer
1. Locate it properly - For best performance,
your freezer
should be located in a cool, dry, well-ventilated
place out of
the direct sunlight and away from such heat sources as radiators. Allow space above and at the back of freezer for air
to circulate -~ at least 3” above and 1” at the back between
the condenser and the wall. Also, check the strength of your
floor. Make certain it can support the weight of the freezer
when loaded.
Be sure your freezer is properly
level area and a place suitable
protection of the freezer.
. Remove
installed in an appropriate
for the size, function and
connect to electricity.
the Consumer
label before
2. Keep it level - Level your freezer by adjusting
the two
leveling legs at the front corners. (Adjust
first. 1 Turn left to raise the corner; right to lower it. When
freezer is sitting level, the freezer door (when o,?ened) will
stay at any open position. After the freezer has been filled,
recheck to see if it is sitting level.
NOTE: Before turning freezer on, you may want to wash the
inside of the freezer with a solution of two tablespoons baking soda to a quart of warm water. Rinse thoroughly
and dry.
To start freezer
Do not remove TECH SHEET
fastened behind
grille. It contains technical information
9 Do not
.<efore you freeze the first apple pie, you will want to know
;Jl about your new Whirlpool
freezer. That’s what this Use
iInd Care Guide is all about. It tells you how to start it, fill it,
(lean it.
even what to do if anything goes wrong. See handy
C/leek List on bacli page of simple problems you
(an solve yourself without the wasted time and possible exIjense of a needless service call. After all, who needs a servicelnan to plug back in an electric cord that’s been accidentally
l)ulled out?
Before you use your freezer
and serial
to operate
Use the appliance
designed to perform.
or play
the base
by your
the job
it was
Electrical Connection - Your freezer should be connected to
its own individual
outlet, one not controlled by a wall switch.
Make sure the outlet provides 120 volt, 60 Hz AC current.
For your safety, the power supply cord of the freezer is
equipped with a three-pronged
plug. It should be
plugged into a matching grounded three-pronged
type wall receptacle. Attach retaining
clip for cord plug. Do not remove
the ground prong. See electrical
and grounding instructions
sheet for complete information.
(See booklet, How to Preserve Foods the Modern Way with
Your WHIRLPOOL Freezer, for complete information
lips on home freezing.)
Set cold control - The cold control is located inside your freezer on the right wall.
To start, turn cold control to middle of dial.
This position will maintain zero zone temperatures under normal operating conditions. Turn the cold control to a higher
number for colder temperatures or a lower
number for less cold temperatures.
Let freezer cool before filling - Allow freezer to cool 4 to 6
hours before filling with frozen food. Let it cool overnight
before adding a quantity of fresh food to be frozen. As
freezer cools, you will see frost forming on the shelves. It is
normal for the frost to form first on the top shelves, and be
heaviest there.
NOTE: When freezer first starts, the motor will run all the
time until the cabinet is cooled to selected temperature.
This first cooling may take 4 to 8 hours or longer depending
upon the weather and the number of times the freezer door
is opened. After the cabinet has cooled, the motor turns off.
It will turn on and off as needed to keep the freezer at selected
Pounds of food to freeze at one time*
Size of Freezer
Meat or Fish
or Fruit
20 cu. ft.
*These amounts are based on USDA recommendations. If too
many packages of unfrozen food are packed at one time into
the freezer, the rate of freezing is too slow. Poor quality
products result.
Package and seal carefully
Airtight packaging is the secret of success in freezing foods.
Containers and wrappings should be moisture-vapor-proof
and packages should be sealed carefully to keep natural
moisture in and air out.
If food is not properly wrapped, freezer burn will result.
When this happens, food dehydrates and is of poor quality.
The drugstore fold is recommended for efficiency and economy. Bring the edges of the paper together and fold over
until it fits tightly around the articles being wrapped (at
least two folds).
The Power Saving Control is located inside the freezer. It controls electric heaters in the walls
of the freezer that prevent condensation of moisture on the outside of the freezer during periods
of high humidity. When humidity
in room is high, push switch toward HI to prevent condensation. When humidity is low, push switch toward LO to
conserve electricity.
Exterior signal light - Located on the right side of the base
grille, automatically indicates any power interruption to the
freezer. When power is being supplied, the light will glow. If
light does not glow, check immediately. The electric current
may be off; the freezer may be disconnected from the outlet;
or the warning light may be burned out.
Key eject lock
Your freezer is equipped with
a key eject lock which can help
reduce the hazard of child entrapment. To lock or unlock the
freezer it is necessary to manually hold the key in the lock
while turning.
The lock is
spring loaded so the key can.
not be left in the lock.
If key is lost, a replacement can be obtained from your dealer
or a Whirlpool TECH-CARE@ service agent. Always give complete model and serial numbers of your freezer when requesting a replacement key.
Heavy-duty aluminum freezer foil, kraft paper with cellophane bonded to it, special freezer bags, jars, cartons and
special pressure-sensitive freezer sealing tape are available
at your supermarket or freezer dealer. See your “How to
Freeze Book” for packaging material guide.
Before loading with unfrozen food, turn cold control to coldest position (highest number) and let freezer operate for
several hours. This will speed up the rate of freezing. Lay
packages to be frozen in a single layer so each rests on the
freezing surface of a shelf. Allow space between packages
for cold air to circulate.
Food will be frozen in about 18 to 24 hours, depending upon
the kind of food, size and shape of the package and the amount
to be frozen. Do not add more unfrozen food until previous
load is frozen. If in doubt, wait 24 hours before adding more
unfrozen food.
When food is frozen, return cold control to its usual setting.
How to freeze food in your freezer
When freezer has cooled to selected temperature, it may be
loaded with frozen food. However, when you plan to freeze
a quantity of unfrozen food, use the following chart as a
guide to the amount to freeze at one time.
Storing frozen food
When food is frozen, stack packages anywhere in the freezer.
Make sure that packages do not extend beyond the shelf edge
keeping the door from closing and sealing.
Glide-out basket
and allow defrost water to drain through the hose into
a flat pan. After defrosting and cleaning, hook drain hose
in place and replace the base grille and drain cap.
Store heavy and bulky packages here. Basket slides out
so you can conveniently reach
everything that is stored in the
bottom of the freezer.
Door storage
6. Wash inside of freezer with a solution of 2 tablespoons of
baking soda to one quart of warm water. Rinse and dry.
Wash the gasket strip around the door with warm, soapy
water. Rinse and dry.
Store packages on the door
shelves behind the retaining
bar. Depending on package
size, it may fit like a book on
the shelf or with front of package facing the retaining bar.
7. Wash outside of freezer with warm water, using a mild
soap or mild detergent. Rinse and dry. Do not use an
abrasive or harsh cleanser. Waxing is not recommended.
8. Clean condenser on the back of freezer with a stiff brush
or with the dusting attachment from your vacuum cleaner.
Juice can shelv
Store juice cans on door as
NOTE: Cleaning waxes, concentrated detergents, bleaches and
cleansers containing petroleum products should not be used
to clean door gasket or plastic parts of the freezer.
Taking care of your freezer
and cleaning
Complete defrosting should be done about once a year. For
in-between defrosting, remove frost by scraping with a
plastic scraper. Do not use an ice pick, knife or other sharppointed tool. You could damage the refrigerant
00 not use any type of electric
9. Return cold control to original setting or plug cord into
wall outlet. Check to see that the signal light glows. Return
food to the freezer.
to speed the defrosting of the freezer. The heat can cause
damage to some of the interior parts such as the breaker
Follow these steps when defrosting
and cleaning:
1. Remove frozen foods and wrap packages individually
several thicknesses of newspaper and cover with a blanket.
Food handled this way will stay frozen several hours. 2. Turn cold control to OFF, or disconnect service cord from
wall outlet.
3. Take out glide-out basket. Wash in warm, soapy water;
rinse and dry.
To remove glide-out basket at bottom, pull it out until it
stops. Lift basket up and out. To replace, insert basket into
rear slides and lower into position. Push basket into
4. Place pans of hot water inside freezer to hasten melting
of frost. Leave door open. As ice softens and melts, it can
be removed in large pieces. Direct air from an electric fan
into the freezer to speed defrosting.
5. Remove drain cap from inside bottom of freezer. Remove
the base grille by opening the freezer door and lifting up
on two tabs that extend through the grille at either end.
Pull grille forward and lift off bottom supports. Unclip hose
interior light
Disconnect electric cord from
outlet. Remove light shield by
pulling away from the side
wall. To replace, insert tabs into opening in freezer side wall ’
and press. Replace bulb with a
40 watt appliance bulb. Reconnect freezer.
When you take a vacation
Arrange to have a periodic check of your freezer to make
sure it is operating and electricity to freezer has not been
Prevent child entrapment
Please read the safety booklet from the Association of Home
Appliance Manufacturers that is packed in your freezer. Help
prevent accidents if you plan to abandon or “junk” an old
off or moving freezer
If you shut the freezer off for a period of time (more than
24 hours) :
Remove all food.
Unplug freezer.
Clean thoroughly, using two tablespoons baking soda to
one quart of warm water. Rinse and dry.
Block door open so air can circulate freely to prevent odor
and mold growth. If freezer has a lock, turn the lock to the
locked position with the door open. Place rubber or wood
blocks between door and cabinet at a location out of a
child’s reach. Tape blocks securely in place using self-adhesive filament tape (strapping tape) .
CAUTION: To help prevent accidents, do not allow children
to have access to the freezer when the door is blocked open.
If you move the freezer :
l Remove all food, unplug freezer and clean thoroughly.
l Remove any baskets, bins or removable shelves.
l Tape or lock door shut to prevent damage.
l Level freezer when relocated to insure door seal.
l Make sure new location
can support the weight of the
loaded freezer.
l When reconnecting
freezer, refer to the “To Start Freezer”
section of this instruction card.
It’s reassuring to know that Whirlpool stands behind your new appliance with its network of franchised TECH-CARE@ service companies. TECH-CARE
service is designed to fulfill your warranty and
,provide the after-warranty
service and maintenance to keep your new appliance in top notch condition, anywhere in the United States. Whirlpool wants you to get the
service that you would expect on quality home appliances.
If you move.. .
To make sure that your appliance is correctly installed and to
insure its continued satisfactory operation, please telephone
Performance problems often result from
things you can find and fix yourself without
of any kind.
If electricity goes off
Learn how long power will be off by calling the
power company.
1. If service is to be interrupted 24 hours or less,
keep freezer closed. Most food will stay frozen.
2. If service is to be interrupted longer than 24
hours, do this :
(a) Remove all frozen food and store in a
frozen food locker. Or.. .
(b) Place dry ice on top of food, using aslarge
pieces as possible. Protect your hands with
gloves when using
dry ice.
(c) If neither food locker storage nor dry ice
is available, use or can perishable food at
3. The length of time food will stay frozen depends on several factors. For instance: a full
freezer will remain cold longer than a freezer
only partially filled. And a freezer full of meat
Part No. 984937
Rev. A
your XUXi%St TECH-CARE Sei%X company. (Installation
will, of course, be paid for by you.)
Or, if you need service.. .
1. Call the dealer from whom you purchased the appliance
or a Whirlpool franchised TECH-CARE service company. He is
in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory listed under
Refrigerators and Freezers - Repairing or Servicing. (Also
under Washers, Dryers - Repairing or Servicing).
2. If you can’t find him in the Yellow Pages, dial free, within the continental United States, the Whirlpool COOL-LINE@
Service (800) 253-1301 [when calling from Michigan, dial
(800) 632-22431, or write :
Mr. Stephen E. Upton, Vice President
Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Remember...Please include the model and serial number of
your appliance when requesting service. Also, retain your
sales slip and warranty letter to verify your warranty status.
Learn the benefits of using TECH-CARE service for maintaining
the quality originally built into your WHIRLPOOL appliance.
will stay cold longer than a freezer filled with
baked goods. Also, if the food still contains ice
crystals, it may be safely refrozen, although
the quality and flavor may be affected. Use this
food as soon as convenient. If the condition of
the food is poor or is any way questionable, it
is wise to dispose of it.
If freezer stops running
1. Check to see if power cord is plugged into the
2. Check fuse box or circuit breaker.
3. Check electric company for a power failure.
4. Be sure COLD CONTROL is turned on.
If compressor seems to run too long
1. Check to see that condenser, located on back of
freezer, is free of dust and lint.
2. On hot summer days or if room is hot, compressor will run longer to provide correct amount
of cooling.
3. If large amounts of unfrozen food have been
put into the freezer, compressor will run longer.
4. Check to see that there is enough air circulation space above and in back of freezer.
Benton Harbor, Michigan. Automatic Washers, Clothes
Dryers, Freezers, Refrigerator-Freezers, Ice Makers, Dish.
washers, Built-in Ovens and Surface Units, Ranges, Food
Waste Disposers, Compactors, Room Air Conditioners, De.
CORPORArlON humidifiers, Central Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.
in U.S.A.
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