Zoom PS-04 Cheat Sheet – v2.1 ©2003 by Zoetrope [text

Zoom PS-04 Cheat Sheet – v2.1 ©2003 by Zoetrope
[text] indicates button | “text” indicates screen text
[L/R] = left/right | [U/D] = up/down
“t-v” = track-Vtake | [E/U] = [Edit/Utility]
[Track P] = [Track Parameter] | [Ent] = [Enter]
[Auto] = [Auto Punch In/Out] | (O) = status button
[Ins/D/C] = [Insert/Delete (Copy)]
Recorder - Audio Mode – V-Takes
Switch V-Takes: [Track P] (L/R) “TR t -v” (Dial) [EXIT]
Locate/Marker: (L/R) (Dial). Set Mark: [Mark].
Delete Mark: locate marker [Mark]
A-B Repeat: [E/U] “Trk Edit” (L/R) “A -B Rept” [Ent]
“Repeat Of” (Dial) “Repeat On” [Ent] “Start”(L/R)(Dial) [Ent]
(Dial) [Ent] [>/ ].
A-B Off: [E/U] (L/R) [Enter] (Dial) “Repeat Of”
Auto Punch In/Out:
(O) “Rec” [Auto] “Auto Punch In/Out” (L/R) (Dial) [Auto]
(Dial) [Rec] + [>/ ] record take [>/ ] [Auto] (Dial) play take
[>/ ] (status)
Make settings: [E/U] (L/R) “Bounce” [Ent] (L/R) “Track” [Ent]
“TR Mute” (D ial) “TR Play” [Exit]
Select target: [E/U] (L/R) “Bounce” [Ent] (L/R) “Take CR”
(Dial) select bounce target, then exit [Exit]
Bounce recording: (O) “Rec” [Bounce] “Bounce” [|<<]
[Rec]+ [>/ ] record, finish, [>/ ] check recording, then cancel
bounce [Bounce]
Precount and Grade (sound quality):
[E/U] (L/R) “Precount” [Ent] “Count 4” (Dial) set volume (L/R)
(Dial) [Exit] [E/U] (L/R) “Grade” [Ent] “Hi -Fi” [Exit]
Track Editing and V-Takes
Basic Steps: [E/U] “Trk Edit” [Ent] (L/R) choose Copy |
Move | Erase | Trim [Ent] pick V-take (L/R) (Dial) [Ent].
If “Copy” then “Start” (L/R) (Dial) [Ent] “End” (L/R) (Dial)
[Ent] pick destination “DST t -v” (L/R) (Dial) [Ent] “To” (L/R)
(Dial) [Ent] “Ent/Exit” [Ent].
Procedures for move, erase, and trim are similar.
V-take Editing: [Track P] (L/R) select track (U/D) “Tr t -v”
(Dial) [Ins/D/C] choose “delete” | ”copy” | ”exchange” [Ent].
When done [Exit] to Audio Top Screen.
Clearing a Song: [Rhythm] to Song mode, then [Ins/D/C]
“Clear” [Ent] “Ent/Exit” [Ent]
Mixer (recording setup)
Select Input Source: [Track P] (L/R) “Input Sel” Mic | Input
| Line in (O) adjust recording level (Fader) [Exit].
Select recording track: (O).
Track Signal Adjustments: [Track P] (L/R) (U/D) (Dial) [Exit]
Select insert patch: [Effect] (U/D) (Dial) [Exit]
Quick Record
Select send/return: [Effect] “Send” (Dial), adjust intensity for
each track using [Track P]
[System] [Ent] “New” [Ent]x2 [Track P] choose input source
(O) adjust input level (fader) [Exit] choose track to record to (O)
[Rec] [>/ ]
Rhythm settings
Select pattern for playback: [Rhythm] choose pattern (Dial)
adjust volume [>/ ] (Faders 1/2), change tempo (Faders 3/4).
Other settings [E/U] Quantize | Barlen | Timsig | Count |
Clickvol | Import | Ptn Edit [Ent] change settings [Exit]
To change drum kits: Choose “Ptn Edit” [Ent] (L/R) “Drum
Kit” [Ent] (Dial) [Exit]
Create Song
Step Input: Choose song mode [Rhythm] [Rec] [Inc/D/C]
select pattern and number of measures to insert (Dial) (U/D)
[Ent] select pattern [Ent] (L/R) enter more patterns, then [Rec]
when done and [>/ ] to play. To delete pattern, (Down) [E/U].
To delete measure [Ins/D/C]x3 [Ent].
FAST Input: [Rhythm] to song mode, [E/U] (L/R) “Fast”
[Ent]. Use (L/R) & (fader 1-3).
To write song [Ent]. To listen [Exit] [>/ ]. To enter chords
[Rhythm] to song mode, [Rec] move to entry point, then (U/D)
to bring up chord info, (Dial), (Down), (Dial), (Right). To delete
chord [E/U]. To end [Rec]. To listen [>/ ].
Event Info: When song input activated, (L/R) and (dial) and
(U/D) will call up Event Info, including the Drum Kit. [Rec]
Editing a Song: To copy measures [Rhythm] to Song mode,
then [Rec] [Ins/D/C] “Copy 001” (Dial) to select copy source
start, [Ent] “End” (Dial) [En t] “To” (Dial) [Ent] [Rec]
Transpose: [E/U] “Transpose” [Ent] (Dial) [Ent] “Ent/Exit”
Edit insert patch: select patch, then [E/U] (L/R) [Tuner/Bypass]
(Faders 1-4), [Exit] [E/U] [Ins/D/C] (Dial) “Store x” [Ent].
Edit send/return: select patch, then [E/U] (U/D) (Faders 1-4)
(L/R), when done [Exit] [E/U] [Ins/D/C] (Dial) “Store x” [Ent].
Tuner: From Effect mode [Tuner/Bypass] “Cr” [Exit]
Basic steps for Projects: [System] [Ent] “Project” [Ent] (L/R)
choose Select | New | Copy | Delete | Protect | Capacity | Name
Setting Mic Gain: [System] (L/R) “Int Mic” [Ent] “Gain Hi”
(Dial) [Exit]
Backlight: [System] (L/R) “LCD” [Ent] “Light On” (Dial)
Patterns (style & first pattern number)
Basic 0
Funk 92
House 176
Ambient 212
Shuffle 249
Latin 282
- Rock 20
- R’n’B 112
- Techno 184
- Blues 220
- Ska 258
- Ballad 302
No Sound 343
Hard Rock 65
Hip-hop 126
Drum’n’bass 198 Country 230
Reggae 262
Intro 317
Metronome 509
Metal 80
Dance 162
Trip 208
Jazz 238
African 270
Outro 336
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