CCTV | Monitors
Color Monitor/Receiver
Formerly known
as Philips CSI
The 27ST220L is a color stereo monitor/receiver that
provides exceptional video performance for a wide range
of applications via multiple input/output connections.
It utilizes a 27in. (69cm) CRT with digital comb filter
circuitry to deliver exceptional color reproduction and
picture clarity, with more than 550 TV lines of resolution.
The versatile 27ST220L includes rear panel connections
for composite video, S-video (Y/C), component and
stereo audio inputs, as well as a standard 75Ω VHF/UHF
antenna input. Video and audio input connections are
also available on the front panel.
Adjustment of standard monitor display parameters
are made via a user-friendly on-screen menus, available
in English, French, and Spanish and accessible via the
front panel controls or by use of a remote control
transmitter included with the unit.
– 69cm (27in) Screen Size
– 550 TVL Resolution
– NTSC Format with Composite
Video, Y/C, and Component
Signal Inputs
– Audio Capability with Volume
– Programmable via On-screen
– Front Panel Control Lockout
– Marquee Channel Function
– Audio/Video Muting
– Remote Control Transmitter
The 27ST220L offers additional unique operational
capabilities such as marquee channel, which displays a
specified channel each time the monitor is powered up,
and front panel control lockout, which provides the
ability to completely disable the front panel control
buttons. The auto power on feature provides automatic
power-up of the unit after a power failure.
These and other high performance features of the
27ST220L ensure the highest picture and sound quality,
while providing the necessary functionality to meet the
most demanding of requirements. For high security
applications, an optional special setup remote control
transmitter (model RC2573GR) is available to restrict or
override certain control commands available via use of
the included remote control unit.
The 27ST220L is the clear choice for a wide variety of
CCTV surveillance applications in retail, medical,
education, and large-screen public view systems.
Security you can rely on
2 | 27ST220L Color Monitor/Receiver
Rated Voltage
120VAC, 60Hz
Voltage Range
90 to 150 VAC
Power at Rated Voltage
Sync Format
654 W x 505 D x 592 Hmm
Display Tube
69cm (27in) measured diagonally,
100° deflection angle, integral implosion
(25.8 x 19.9 x 23.3in)
34.5kg (76lb)
Viewable Picture Area
69cm (27in) measured diagonally
550 TV lines minimum, composite video,
Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
S-video (Y/C), with digital comb filter
Humidity (operating)
Video Inputs
CVBS, S-Video, component, RF
Audio Input
Audio is shared between CVBS, S-Video,
Product Regulatory Compliance
and component
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Audio Output
Two 3W speakers, 16Ω
Power, On/Off
Complies with FCC Part 15, ICES-003
Product Safety
Volume/Features (–, +)
Channel (up, down)
User Remote Control
Complies with DHHS Rules 21 CFR
Controls monitor functions including
on-screen menus
Power On LED
Input/Output Connections
Complies with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC
User remote control transmitter (included
with unit)
Front Panel
Special setup remote control transmitter
that allows access to menus for setup
Video input:
One RCA phono jack
Audio input:
Two (L/R) RCA phono jacks
Rear Panel
Antenna Input:
Component Input:
Three (Y, Pb, Pr) RCA phono jacks
Composite Video Input:
One RCA phono jack, one RCA
and control, including high security setup
(purchase separately)
Mounting Bracket for ceiling mounting
Mounting Bracket for wall mounting
male-to-BNC Female Adapter (provided)
S-video (Y/C) Input:
One 5-pin mini-DIN
Monitor CVBS Output
One RCA phono jack, one RCA
male-to-BNC Female Adapter (provided)
Audio Input:
Two (L/R) RCA phono jacks
Audio Output:
Two (L/R) RCA phono jacks
Two-way Addressable Port RJ11 type (unused)
External Speaker:
One 1/8in mini-jack
Power Cord
3-wire US with grounded plug, 4m (13ft)
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