Design House 519603 Instructions / Assembly

NOTE: Please consult a qualified electrician if you are not certain of installation or servicing.
CAUTION: Before starting installation or servicing, disconnect power by turning off the circuit breaker or by
removing the fuse at the fuse box.
1. Carefully unpack the fixture, lay out all parts on a clean surface.
2. Attach the mounting strap to outlet box using the outlet box screws provided.
3. Connect black wires from fixture to black wire (live wire) from supply circuit. Connect white wires from
fixture to white wire (neutral wire) from supply circuit. Connect ground wire from fixture to ground wire from
supply circuit. Cover the connections using the provided wire connectors. Position wires back inside outlet box.
4. Place the canopy over outlet box. Allow the heads of mounting screws come out through the large ends of
keyholes. Twist the canopy until the heads of mounting screws slide into narrow ends of keyholes. Tighten
mounting screws to secure the canopy.
5. Install the bulb (Included).
6. Unscrew the finial from nipple. Then tighten the nipple into the bushing using hex nut.
7. Place shade and bottom cover over the nipple & screw the finial onto the nipple until the shade is held firmly to
the fixture.
8. Reconnect the power.
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