Server role as DHCP - Server role as router

- Server role as DHCP
- Server role as router
- Client test relay agent
Has 1 interface
Use Vmnet 4
Has 2 DHCP scope and
Router server
Has 3 interface
Vmnet 2 IP
Vmnet 3 IP
Vmnet 4 IP
Configure routing and Remote Access
Configure IP address on DHCP server
Service DNS and DHCP on server
Test DNS server
Configure scope 192 with DNS and Router IP address
Configure scope 192 with DNS and router for 192
2. Router Server
Add IP on vmnet 3
Add IP on interface vmnet 2 on router server
Add IP vmnet 4 that is the ip for communicate to DHCP
Test DNS and connection form router server to DHCP
Configure Routing and Remote access
Select custom Configuration
Select LAN routing
Right click on General and select New routing Protocol
Choose DHCP relay agent
Add interface network card to Relay agent
Right click on DHCP relay agent and add server IP address
3. Client
Set Vmnet 2 to client as the same rang of on
Release IP by following command line
Succeed Renew IP and ping to DNS server
Set Vmnet 3 to client as the same vmnet of rang on
Release and Renew new IP from DHCP
Succeed ping to DNS server
IP release to client on rang 172 on DHCP server
IP DHCP in rang 192 release to client
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