Nautibus - ETS App EIplan - Software Release Notes
2.1.2013 First Version
13.1.2013 App ID = A0014
2.10.2013 Version 2
 Three modes of operation
- Automatic Group address scheme – A / unchanged as it was in
version 1 / clearly arranged up to 500 circuits
- Automatic Group address scheme - B for extensive projects with up
to 30 plans, 3000 circuits and 750 heating circuits
- Manual – for touching up old projects with existing group addresses
Full control of the object mapping in only one table independent of
manufacturer texts
Saving of sample devices with the KNX app „product templates“
Support of feedback – switching and brightness
Support of feedback blinds – up, down, position
Advanced heating circuit functions – setpoint adjustment, summer/
Support of energy actuators – current measurement, kWh-counter
and hour meter
Automatic assignment of key groups of buttons and room
temperatur controllers
Automatic assignment of key groups to actuators
New devices: presence detector, system unit display, 3-phase
Assignment of fuses in the control cabinet to the circuits
Support for line types - 1-Phase, 3-Phase, antenna, network,
telephone, speaker
Redesigned user interface
Rotate and replacing devices
"Navigate-To"- feature to control the ETS views: floor plan, space,
group and devices.
6.11.2013 No initialization of the structure at 'OnProjectOpened "
6.11.2013 Initialization of the Configuration Before starting,
Initialization of the structure only empty project.
10.11.2013 Improved fault coverage at startup if "Ets4SeletionCanged" is executed
before the "GetAddInUI".
Fault coverage for invalid building structure. (EIplan requires a 3-level
structure - Floor Level 3 - rooms in floors)
11.11.2014 Version 3
 Floor plan wizard guides the user through the creation of a
new floor plan. Reading from the image file (.bmp . jpg) or
from clipboard, cutting the edges, calibrate of the scale,
defining the spaces and create the ETS building structure.
 Device wizard for the user by setting up a new device. Select
Devices from the ETS catalog, setting parameters, setting
object use and create the pattern unit.
 Single window operation, all functions now directly in
EiPLAN, it is not required open other windows in ETS.
 Connects the groups to the actuators now automatic or semiautomatic, so that the actuator and the channel can be
chosen freely.
 Disconnect and connect directly to the distributor-view,
making it possible easy movement of groups to other actors
and channels. Related functions such as dimming, feedback
or brightness value are naturally moved also.
 New concept of language, allows the user to add its own
language translations of the app.
 Configurability of the central main group.
 Complete assignment of the group addresses in Schedule B
(no increment 5 or 10 more).
 Advanced device types
 Extended Function Codes
 Visualization: displays and switches can now be placed
directly, so the complete programming of EiVisu is now
 Advanced Settings menu
 Private Help button
 Own language selection so that it is as possible to make an
EiPLAN in English, even if the ETS Italian is set.
 BOM is eliminates, it is now with expanded opportunities in
EiDoc available.
24.02.2015 error correction
• Help complemented files
• fault coverage with improved input errors
• fault coverage with zero data fields improved
• improve fault coverage in old projects
• eliminates errors when placing distributing
28.09.2015 error correction
 Conversion to STK5 - now it only needs to be used from
 64-bit-mode enabled, so no compatibility mode of ETS5
 license problem with language switching rectified
Support Case # 35984 the language files will be copied
to a user directory, and can be corrected there by the
 Device selection of adapted to ETS5 see support case #
 Error Floorplan import: pixel size of the original file is now
transferred correctly
29.09.2015 Error in Manifest
9.11.2015 Downgrade to STK4
Device selection of adapted to ETS4
29.02.2016 Distribution now in rooms - for ETS v5.08
Device wizard and sensor box optically improved
14.04.2016 Error correction in translation Getting Started
Error correction in GA with switchable lighting
Error correction in GA with switchable outlets
Error correction in GA name in Scheme A
30.10.2016 Completely revised
New function:
• EasyAsyst user interface
• Save sample devices outside of the project in files, thus re-using preset devices in new projects
• Generic patterns for tactile sensors with different rockers TS4SSDD
• Multiple sample devices of the same type can now be used
DA4_Gira or DA4_MDT
• Advanced print options
• Creation of the Visu file for EiVisu4
• Storage of all EiPlan data in the description column of the ETS
• Customizable group addressing scheme
1.11.2016 APP ID now A051
14.11.2016 Display help file now also with button?
Init error fixed at the first floor plan
Registering the DataPoint types in the Central Groups are now
Connecting the Central Groups corrected
6.12.2016 Faults has been corrected:
Create the distribution display immediately afterwards and with
Display with several distributors per floor now correct
FI and main switch can now be moved
Error on floors in group addresses corrected
Translation for Groupname Central
Failed to save cut-to-size floor plans
7.3.2017 Fault has been corrected:
Clear the distributor
Visu.XML - Structure tool now in Project, Project End
Range logic and sensors can now be set in schema
Project Directory is now generated if it is missing
Load and save the schema now in the project directory
Fcode list now printable
Window left and right now in HVAC
Parameter Type System.String is now entered correctly
Number of pieces in total quantity is deleted at the beginning
Logic and sensors not in list of backups
Several objects are now possible for a function in the object dialog
Name input for plans now with structure display
22.12.2017 Fixed bug with split button rockers
Fixed problem with object sorting light scene
Improve language translation
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