I4GO – iTrust 4G Optimizer
Norwegian IT-company Aalesund Data AS presents I4GO – iTrust 4G Optimizer!
Aalesund Data AS is a Norwegian IT company, specializing in server solutions, network
solutions, and software development. A large portion of our client mass is within health
care, and as such, we have a very high competency in the specialized requirements found in
the health care sector. Aalesund Data AS is a member company of the Maritime Cluster in
Moere, organized and supervised by the Norwegian Centre of Expertise: Maritime, a
government funded organization. This business cluster produces some of the most
innovative and advanced technology in the world, and consist of a large number of worldclass manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce and Kongsberg Evotec. The cluster totals over
22,000 employees, and operates 40 % of the world’s modern fleet at sea. This also reflects in
the very high quality and security of our iTrust 4G Optimizer.
I4GO is our brand-new and highly
improved all-in-one 4G antenna array
for maritime use, replacing the older
I3GO units. LTE-technology (3G and 4G)
is very volatile, and progress and
innovation moves very fast. In order to
provide the latest and best technology,
the I4GO has been developed.
Also, to mitigate the problem with
roaming and vessels moving from one
country to the next, the new I4GO can
also be delivered as an optional model
with dual SIM! This new feature enables
the usage of two SIM-cards from
independent ISP’s, thus simplifying the
use of the I4GO across borders at sea.
Inside the I4GO units are powerful antennae that boost reception and lock on to shore based
4G network masts providing an internet connection from your ship to shore. The I4GO
marine broadband unit gives ADSL equivalent broadband speed’s up to 20 miles offshore
using unique patented aerial technology. The unit provides a signal boost 10 times that of a
USB dongle, and 5 times better than the best 4G routers.
I4GO is capable of supporting VoIP telephony and camera surveillance. Utilizing 2G, 3G and
4G networks via an integrated data SIM, the unit creates a WiFi hotspot instantly and can
also be accessed wired. I4GO is well suited for both commercial vessels, as well as private
leisure vessels such as yachts. I4GO is NOT a GSM/4G amplifier and/or repeater, and as such,
it is not covered by any regulations GSM/radio transmission. It only RECEIVES 4G, and
creates a data network from this.
Aalesund Data AS
N6002 AALESUND, Norway
+47 70 11 42 00
IP-67 outdoor unit:
Aalesund Data AS
N6002 AALESUND, Norway
+47 70 11 42 00
4G (LTE & HSDPA+ 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz)
3G (HSPA+ & UTMS 900/2100 MHz)
2G (EDGE, GPRS & GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz)
IP67 encapsulation
Up to 50 Mbps download speeds (depending on network)
Built-in switch with 2 x RJ45 Multimode Gigabit WAN/LAN-ports
o Option for connecting external communication carrier, for example VSAT
2 independent WiFi networks/SSID’s
o Individual firewall, security and bandwidth management to separate traffic,
for example one ADMIN network and one CREW network.
4db LTE gain IP67 external MIMO antenna/radome
SPI Firewall with all typical firewall-features
Captive portal for providing terms of service, terms of access etc. to users
Network failover & network load balancing
LAN/WAN affinity to assign specific LAN traffic to a WAN
GPS NMEA support for connecting GPS signals
What’s included
The unit comes with a waterproof antenna cable with moulded connector, a surface mount
control box, power supply (12V), and mounting brackets.
The units are suitable for both commercial ships as wells as pleasure crafts. We can also
recommend combining the units with our proprietary IBO® bandwidth optimizers, for best
Aalesund Data AS
N6002 AALESUND, Norway
+47 70 11 42 00
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