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What is a Proximal brush?
It is a device in two parts. One
part is the handle that has been
developed from a standard
toothbrush so that it can holds a
small brush head securely. The
brush heads are available in
various sizes that enable you to
choose which size is most suitable
for you. These colours are exactly
the same as those used in the
interdental brush range.
Will I need to use more than one
size of brush head?
You may need to use more than
one size to enable you to
effectively clean all spaces
between your teeth.
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Will I need to use this brush as
well as the interdental brushes?
The proximal brush can be used in
all areas of the mouth. However
most people find that it is most
useful for cleaning between the
back teeth.
Why clean between teeth?
Over the course of a day, food
and debris get lodged in between
your teeth, and in any gaps you
may have. If left, this debris can
cause dental decay and gum
disease. Removing food debris
with a proximal brush will help
keep your breath fresh. Cleaning
in between your teeth makes sure
that you are cleaning your mouth
as thoroughly as possible.
Should I use a proximal brush
instead of my normal
No. This brush should be used as
part of your normal oral hygiene
routine to be effective.
Why is my normal toothbrush
not enough?
You will know that there are
certain places in your mouth that
are difficult to reach with your
normal brush. There are also
some gaps between your teeth
that your toothbrush will not be
able to access.
How can the proximal brush
With its small bristles and tiny
head the brush can be moved
between the teeth to remove
debris and plaque that will not
have been removed by your usual
toothbrush especially at the back
of the mouth.
How do I use it?
Select a suitable sized brush head
and lock it in place it in the handle.
You may need a variety of sizes
for the spaces at the back of the
mouth. Your dentist or hygienist
will be able to guide you on which
ones to select. Never force the
brush between the teeth. Remove
the brush gently removing plaque
and debris. Rinsing the brush
enables you to use the brush
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When should I use it?
You need to clean between all
your teeth at least once a day.
The proximal brush will allow you
to get to all parts of your mouth.
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