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Extended Warranty
1.0 Executive Summary
Table of Contents
1.0 Executive
2.0 Features &
The Extended Warranty provides peace of mind and product failure protection beyond the Service
Pack or Factory warranty period. Once the Service Pack/Factory warranty for your UPS or
accessory expires, should your product fail, you expose yourself to potential loss of power
protection and costly out of pocket expenses for repairs.
With the purchase of the APC Extended Warranty, you will experience a seamless extension of the
Service Pack/Factory warranty by one to three years, depending on coverage purchased. The
Extended Warranty provides repair or replacement of your product and even covers your battery.
3.0 Details of Service
4.0 Assumptions
5.0 Scope of
6.0 Terms &
2.0 Features & Benefits
One or Three Years of additional
product failure coverage*
Provides peace of mind and complete factory warranty protection for
the entire designated product service life.
24 X 7 Customer Service Support
with Toll Free Call-in Telephone
Customers are provided with a toll free number. Calls are handled
24hours a day, 7 days a week by call center professionals.
* Not available in all locations, please contact your local CPCS
Service Entitlement Assistance
and Service Warranty Certificate
Customers receive assistance from the Service Entitlements team to
make sure their product is properly recorded. An E-mail Service
Entitlement Certificate provides a detailed record of the service
registration, along with the service expiration date.
Warranty Duration Options
The One Year protection option offers the lowest cost solution, while
the Three Year option offers the best value solution.
*Three Year warranty extensions are not available for all products.
Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services
15 Jan 2018
Extended Warranty Renewal
3.0 Details of Service
The specific activities of this service are listed below. For each item, APC will perform the work
Create Warranty Entitlement
The APC Entitlements team will assist the customer in the
registration process. APC will create the warranty extension service
entitlement and provide the customer with a Service Certificate via email.
Provide Customer Telephone
APC will provide 24 X 7 Customer telephone support.*
*Where available
The Extended Warranty Renewal provides repair or replacement of
your product and even covers your battery.
Provide Extended Warranty
Should warranty redemption be necessary, APC will provide, at their
discretion, a replacement unit, new battery, or new parts.
APC will ship out the replacement product and provide a prepaid
return shipping label for the used UPS or battery.
4.0 Assumptions
The successful performance of the tasks defined is based on the following key assumptions:
The customer has purchased an Extended Warranty for renewal of an APC single phase
UPS, accessory or cooling product, which is still within the service life span limits
determined by APC.
The customer has purchased Extended Warranties for a large volume (100 or more) APC
single phase UPS’s or accessories purchase.
APC will provide guidance on what the product’s service life span limits are at time of
Extended Warranties for accessories are only available in a 1 year increment.
Some aspects of the service definition presented in this document may vary by location. In
the case of a conflict between the service definitions contained on this Statement of Work
and the local service definitions the local service definitions will prevail. For more
information, please refer to your Certified APC sales representative.
The following items are outside the scope of this warranty. Please contact your certified APC sales
representative for more details.
Non-APC Products;
Three-Phase Products;
Site Licenses;
On Site Service.
Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services
15 Jan 2018
Extended Warranty Renewal
5.0 Scope of Responsibility
The items started here are responsibilities to and from both APC and customer.
Provide Schneider Electric Service Certificate;
Provide telephone customer support;
Provide ‘next business day’ shipment of UPS, battery or parts, at no extra charge to and
from the customer’s site.
Provide the product model and serial number and registration information;
Contact Schneider Electric customer service support in case of occurrence of issue;
Provide a point of contact during time of service;
Provide a point of contact for receipt of units and components;
Return used UPS, part or Battery using prepaid Schneider Electric shipping label.
6.0 Terms and Conditions
Schneider Electric standard Terms and Conditions apply.
The information provided in this Scope of Work cannot be used or duplicated, in full or in part.
Other uses for this document are prohibited without written consent by Schneider Electric.
All documentation, photographs, imaging or other information provided by the customer, or gathered at
the customer site, will be for internal use only and used solely for the purpose of report generation,
analysis and recommendations.
All services’ conditions included in this document apply (i) only between Schneider Electric and that
organization that bought the Services Solutions; and (ii) only to those products and services ordered
by the Customer at the time that the Schneider Electric Services information is current. Schneider
Electric may change the Schneider Electric Services Information at any time. The Customer will be
notified of any change in the Schneider Electric Services Information in the manner stated in the then
current product ordering and/or services solutions related agreement between Schneider Electric and
the Customer, but any such change shall not apply to products or service ordered by the Customer
prior to the date of such change.
Schneider Electric will have no obligations to provide Services Solutions with respect to equipment
and assets that are outside the Service Area. “Schneider Electric Service Area” means a location that
is within (i) one hundred (100) miles or one hundred and sixty (160) kilometers radius of a Schneider
Electric service location; and (ii) the country in which the Installation site is located, unless otherwise
defined in the governing agreement with Schneider Electric, in which case the definition in the
governing agreement prevails.
Products or services obtained from any Schneider Electric partner or reseller are governed solely by
the agreement between the purchaser and the reseller. That agreement may provide terms that are
the same as the Schneider Electric Services Solutions on this document. Please contact the reseller or
the local Schneider Electric sales representative for additional information on Schneider Electric
Services Solutions on Products obtained from a reseller.
© 2018 Schneider Electric. All rights reserved. All Schneider trademarks are property of Schneider Electric and its
subsidiaries and affiliates. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to
change without notice. Disclaimer: This information is reliable at the point of creation and may be subject to
Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services
15 Jan 2018
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