DvRigPro. / DvRigPro.HD
Support pod
The support pod is spring loaded,
use caution when releasing the locks !!
Release the pod locks ONLY AFTER you secure the bottom end in the holster and
insert the top end into the rig’s spring receptacle.
Thank you for choosing the
The Support pod receptacle (1) and
the camera mount (2) can be
moved left and right to best balance
various cameras and loads.
Turn the thumbscrews clockwise,
adjust position and lock back.
Thumb wheel (3) is controlling the right grip
lock. For folding, release and move to the right
to unlock the pin. Lock the pin when tilting or
for resting the rig on the ground.
Locking Knob (4) is controlling the grips. For
free tilting, slightly release the knob. Use the
left grip to tilt the camera
The Flexible pod holder (5) is for storing the
support pod when not in use.
To adjust the grips distance,
release the main knob (4) and
move the front assembly to your
best comfort.
The Support pod tip receptacle (1) and the left
grip (6) can be removed from the rail. Turn the
grip clockwise, move to hole (7) and pull out.
Removable End Caps
For Easy Accessories Mounting
And for moving the pod support point
from the side to the front bars
To Open
Turn Counter Clockwise 90
and Pull out
To Close
Push In and
Turn Clock wise 90
DvRigPro.HD Only !!
When using the side mount (HD Only) move
the Support pod tip receptacle (1) from the front
to the side bar by using the release holes (7).
You can also attach your camera/tripod plate to
the threaded holes (8) and mount the whole rig
on your Quick Release tripod head.
To move the camera QR Base from the side to the front bar, Place the locking screw
The release hole (7).
Unscrew the base plate, push the screw through the hole (7) and slide out the thumb
wheel and the black nylon washers.
Insert the thumb wheel with the nylon washer on top into the slot in the other bar
opposite the other release hole (7),
Insert the screw back into the assembly, place the QR base on the screw and screw in
all the way.
Use the ¼” threaded
inserts to mount your
monitor arm Camera
light, external mic. Etc.
Standard Broadcast batteries mounts can be
mounted on the back acc. plate and used to
power the camera, camera lights, HD recorders
and other acc.
The acc. plate and the provided Velcro straps
can be used to hold WL receivers, HD
recorders, sound mixers Etc.
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