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Wahl Clipper Instruction Booklet:
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When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
To reduce the risk of electrical shock:
1. Do not reach for a charger that has fallen into water, unplug immediately.
2. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be
pulled into tub or sink. Do not place or drop into water or
any other liquids.
3. Except when charging, always unplug appliance from
electrical outlet immediately after using.
4. Unplug appliance before cleaning.
5. Do not use while bathing animals.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons or animals
1. An appliance should never be left unattended when plugged in.
2. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including 3.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their
safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
Use this appliance only for its intended use, as described in
this manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by
the manufacturer.
Never operate this appliance if It has a damaged cord or
charger, if it is not working properly, It has been dropped
and damaged or dropped into water. Return the appliance
to Wahl UK Ltd for examination and repair.
Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
Never drop or insert any object into any opening.
Do not operate where aerosol products are being used, where oxygen is being administered or near flammable
liquids, such as certain flammable blade lubricants or
cleaning agents.
Do not use this appliance with a damaged or broken guide
comb, or with teeth missing from the blade.
During use, do not place or leave appliance where it may be damaged by an animal or exposed to weather.
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W a h l
10.To disconnect the appliance, turn all controls to O – OFF then remove charger from outlet.
11.If using corded, when discarding old batteries from the appliance, do not throw into fire where heat could cause them to rupture. Also, do not attempt to use alkaline, heavy duty or regular batteries in this appliance.
12.The blades on your clipper have fine teeth for precise cutting. Handle carefully when against the animals skin in order to avoid irritation.
This appliance has been designed for non professional use.
• Blades do not only become dull from cutting hair, they are dulled by abrasive particles on the hair, such as dirt, sand e.t.c
• Blades will not cut if abrasive particles are picked up and carried by the oil film between the blades. These particles tend to hold the blades apart and cause chewing and
pulling instead of clean cutting.
• The cutting blades furnished with Wahl Animal clippers are made of special high carbon steel scientifically heat-treated for correct hardness. Years of experience have created a special process for grinding these blades to a superior sharpness. Oil blades before and during use.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
• Oiling the blades performs two distinct functions.
Provides a low friction, very thin film lubricant between the cutting blades so that they can take a full cutting stroke without becoming hot from friction.
Flushes abrasive particles and hair out from between the blades.
NOTE: If you cut into dirt, immediately wash the blade with
oil to flush it out. Periodically dip the teeth in a shallow pan of
Wahl Clipper Oil (with clipper running) to flush out dirt and hair.
1. Before use, the clipper must be fully charged for 16 hours.
2. Once fully charged, the unit may be used without cord.
3. After use move the switch to the O – OFF (CHARGE) position. Reconnect the appliance to the transformer cord and recharge batteries by connecting the wall plug trans
former into any convenient electrical outlet.
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W a h l
1. Should you need to use the appliance in corded mode
when the battery is fully discharged, it is best to charge the appliance in O – OFF position for several minutes before
use. During use, you may notice a decrease in blade
speed. This is perfectly normal. The clipper will still perform
adequately in corded mode with a fully discharged motor.
2. Connect the appliance to the transformer cord, and plug the
wall transformer into an electrical outlet.
3. Move the switch to 1 – ON position.
4. After use, turn to O – OFF position then disconnect wall
transformer from outlet.
Depending on use, your batteries should last three to five years
before replacement is necessary. When replacement is necessary, follow these steps:
1. Remove blade assembly (1) from appliance
2. Turn appliance upside down (screws should be facing up).
3. Remove all 4 screws (2) from appliance.
4. Carefully remove bottom housing (3) from appliance.
5. Remove batteries (4) from unit and dispose of properly.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
6. If replacing batteries, replace with Nickel-Metal Hydride
batteries only. To obtain replacement batteries, call Wahl UK
Ltd on 01227 744330 or visit
IMPORTANT: Place new rechargeable batteries with positive
and negative ends in proper position. Consult drawing of upper
housing of clipper (5) for proper placement.
7. Make sure all parts are seated properly in upper housing of clipper (5)
8. Place bottom housing of clipper (3) back into proper
9. Hold case together tightly and replace screws in appliance. Tighten until snug.
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W a h l
10. Attach blade assembly (1) to clipper.
1. Once the unit is initially charged, for 16 hours, it will take
12 -15 hours to charge completely discharged batteries.
2. A fully charged appliance will deliver a minimum of 45
minutes of continuous trimming.
3. When the appliance is not in use, it should be connected to
the transformer to assure maximum power whenever it is
used. The transformer is designed to continuously charge
the battery, without over charging.
4. It is normal for the unit to become somewhat warm during
normal use.
5. Avoid pushing the blades into the skin, taking extra
care around sensitive areas or areas where folds of skin
are present. The large flat surface of the blade should be
parallel to the skin surface. Do not allow the sharp blade tips to go into the skin as this will cause injury.
6. After cutting hair, clean the blades and oil before storing
the unit away. Place a small drop of Wahl Clipper Oil only
on the ends of the blades while the clipper is running.
7. To clean the unit, use either a clean, dry or dampened cloth. DO NOT USE benzene or thinner to clean the unit.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
8. Do not store the appliance in a wet or moist environment.
9. To prolong blade life, do not use the appliance on dirty or
wet coats.
10. Do not touch any of the internal mechanisms. If the unit
should need repair, do not repair it yourself. Return it to
Wahl UK Ltd.
11. Keep the cord untwisted and unobstructed. When stored,
the cord should be coiled and the unit placed in a dry
place, away from children.
12. Use only the power source specified on the charger
13. Be careful not to drop the appliance or to damage or break
any teeth on the blades.
14. Always replace the blade guard when the clipper is not in
15. Feed the appliance through the hair only as it will cut.
Feeding too fast, wedges the hair clippings between the
blades, keeping them from cutting properly. DO NOT CUT
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W a h l
The first time you cut hair, cut only a small amount until
you have become accustomed to how long each guide
comb leaves the hair.
Ensure that you regularly remove trimmed hair from the
blades and oil the blades during clipping.
Have your dog sit facing you. Bring rear leg forward (fig.2)
and clip sides of foot from nail to ends of toes. Clip on top
of toes, stopping at ankle joint. Don’t trim ankle. Spread
toes apart with thumb and finger (fig.3). Cut hair between
toes, being careful not to nick the webbing. Spread bottom
pads with thumb and clip between toes and pads, being
careful not to nick foot webbing (fig.4). Touch up stray hair
with scissors.
Face and Throat:
Be very careful around this area, clipping too close
may cause razor burns. In most cases you should use
the clippers in the same direction as the lie of the coat.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
However if you wish to obtain a closer cut, then the
clippers may be used against the lie of the coat.
The clipper must not be used above or around the eyes.
When clipping ears lift them to ensure no creases or folds
of skin are on the area to be clipped (fig.6).
Hold muzzle with your free hand. Cut from ear to the
outside corner of the eye in a straight line. Stretch the skin
at the outside corner of the left eye upward and backward.
Clip carefully under eye. Repeat on other side. With free
hand, stretch the corner of the mouth with your thumb,
using the rest of your hand to hold the mouth shut. Clip
around mouth and side of face. Repeat on other side.
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W a h l
Holding muzzle, clip the area between the eyes and
down the nose. To clip the muzzle, clip away from the
eyes toward the nose. Hold the dogs head straight, throat
taught, and clip bottom of muzzle (fig.9) the adams apple
is normally the stopping point of the cut but you may clip
lower. Clip the rest of the throat toward the muzzle.
Stand dog facing you. Lift front legs and clip from a point
above the testicles or vulva in a straight line, use light
pressure being careful not to nick the vulva, penis, testicles
or nipples. Cover them with your hand. Clip the hair on
penis with the grain.
Tip: Stop frequently while clipping to fluff the hair. It will
help keep the hair even. Clip along the back, starting at the
base of the skull, and cut down the middle of the back to
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
the tail (fig.11). Shorten all the hair as shown in the
illustration, starting at the neck (fig.12) clip hair between
shoulders and hips. Clip under the chest from behind the
front legs to the end of the rib cage. Scissor trim to touch
Rear Legs:
Important: Be careful when clipping around the armpit
and the flank. There are areas of skin that are easy to cut;
especially on older dogs whose skin has loosened.
Brush the hair in the back of the legs in an upward and
outward motion, to fluff. You can now shape the legs as full
or as tapered as you wish.
Start by trimming any hair that falls over the foot (fig.13).
Starting at ankle cut up to a hip a little hair at a time
(fig.14). Once you are at the hip, blend hair so it tapers
into shorter body hair. (When using guide combs on legs,
complete your stroke; don’t stop midway.)
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W a h l
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
Repeat with other leg, making it the same size as the first
leg. Touch up with scissors.
Front Legs:
With the dog facing you, comb hair up and out. Trim front
legs to match the back legs. Comb hair at shoulders and
blend with shorter body hair. Comb hair on chest and
between front legs; trim it to the length of the shoulder and
body hair.
With the dog facing you, clip from the top of the ear
downward. Never turn the clipper in the other direction.
Lay the ear in the palm of your hand. Clip the outside of
the ear first and then the inside (fig.16). Hold ear with your
free hand and scissor cut the sides. Be careful not to cut
the ear itself (Fig.17). Repeat with the other ear and touch
up any stray hairs.
comb #1
comb #2
comb #3
comb #4
against the grain
with the grain
against the grain
against the grain
against the grain
against he grain
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W a h l
This product is suitable for
trimming areas including face,
ears, head and fetlocks.
It is not designed as a full body clipper.
When using any electrical appliance
around horses Wahl recommend the use of a circuit
breaker to minimise risk.
Whilst trimming take time to regularly brush hairs and dirt
from the blades. We recommend that you use a blade
wash to ensure grease and dirt particles are washed from
the blade surface. This wash should be applied regularly
during usage. Always re-oil the blades after using the
blade wash and wipe away any excess fluid.
1. This appliance is designed for trimming horses and ponies. Ensure the horse is dry, as clean as
possible and brushed thoroughly to remove grease
and dirt from the coat.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
2. Ideally have a responsible person to hold the horse
whilst you are trimming.
3. Position the trimmer with the blade flat to the coat
surface (45 degrees).
4. Without applying any downward pressure, pass the
appliance through the coat working against the lay of
the hair.
5. Do not push the trimmer through the coat too quickly
– this may cause hairs to get between the blades and
separate them, thus reducing performance.
6. Always keep the flat surface of the blades against the coat – do not push the teeth of the blades into the skin
or operate the trimmer at 90 degrees.
7. When negotiating areas with folds of skin (elbows, chin
e.t.c) pull out the skin to avoid the folds catching
between the blades and cutting the animal.
8. To achieve an even finish apply consistent pressure
and clip against the hair.
9. To reduce the closeness of the cut the trimmer can be
used following the lie of the hair.
10.Regularly use the cleaning brush to flick away any hair
from the blades and apply oil frequently.
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W a h l
11. Never adjust the screws or tension system on the
blade set.
12.Do not separate the top and bottom blade. This will affect the factory set tensioning and may reduce
To remove the blades, hold the clipper firmly in one hand.
Using the thumb of your other hand, simply push the
blades away from the front of the clipper. The blades and
the mounting plate behind them will all come off in one
To remove hair between the blades, use the cleaning
brush provided. Be sure to use WAHL CLIPPER OIL
between the blades before each use. Before replacing the
blades, be sure the top blade moves freely. To replace the
blades, place the hook at the bottom of the blade set into
the space provided on the clipper housing. Then pivot the
blade set toward the housing until it snaps into place. Once
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
it is seated, snap blade set to case so that you hear a click.
This product is guaranteed against defects in material and
workmanship for a period of twenty four months from the
date of original purchase or receipt as a gift.
The guarantee becomes invalid in the case of misuse or
repair by unauthorised persons.
Should this product become defective during the warranty
period, return it to the store of purchase.
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W a h l
Wahl are constantly developing and launching new
products in the UK. We would like to understand
your product needs and expectations and we value
any comments you may have. As part of Wahl
Customer Care, we are offering you the chance to
be kept up to date with the latest product launches,
innovations and special offers.
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
At the end of this products life it should not be
disposed of with general household waste.
Care should be taken to dispose of in a suitable
manner in accordance
with your Local Authority
Please take a minute to register
your product online at www.wahl.
CUSTOMER CARE TEL: 01227 740066
Form No. ZA368
W a h l
a n i m a l
g r o o m i n g
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