Café Table Base Assembly Instruction Sheet

Café Table Base Assembly Instruction Sheet
(Models: 01536 and 01525)
*Tops Sold Separately
Form# 179739
Hardware and Components
Lock Washer
(Qty. 1)
30 x 30 Four Pt. Café Base
(Qty. 1)
Café Table Column
(Qty. 1)
P/N-77442- 25”
P/N- 77443- 37”
2.5” Hex Bolt
(Qty. 1)
Assembly Instructions
Step 1: Use the 8 screws included with the top to attach the top to the column. 8 holes are pre-drilled in
the top. For easier assembly, use an electric drill at a low torque setting.
Holes to attach to the top
Form# 179739
Step 2: Unscrew and remove the hex bolt and the lock washer from the column section.
Lock Washer
Hex Bolt
Detail A
Scale 1:3
Step 3: Turn the Column upside down. Locate the column around the circular protrusions on the base.
Reattach the lock washer and hex bolt.
Step 4: Optional: Use a ¾” socket wrench to tighten the hex bolt.
Circular Protrusions
Column Turned
Upside Down
Holes to attach to top
Detail B
Scale 1:2
the lock washer
and the hex bolt
Form# 179739
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