Sensor & Surveillance Data Transport
Extend your surveillance network with the flexibility and ease of use
of a wireless solution. Free Space Optics presents an excellent
opportunity to extend the benefits of optical networking (speed) into
the wireless world (flexibility).
Rapid deployment
NO licensing/EMI
High Bandwidth, low latency
Handles any digital signal
fSONA Systems – SONAbeam™ Optical Wireless
fSONA’s comprehensive suite of Optical Wireless transceivers provides all of the inherent advantages
of optical communications, while leveraging the flexibility of wireless for the build-out of high-bandwidth
surveillance networks. fSONA’s SONAbeam™ product portfolio provides a fully managed, highly
secure, ultra low latency communications platform that has been explicitly designed with due
consideration to the requirements of the Military/Government, Carrier/Service Provider, and high-end
enterprise networks. Optical Wireless solutions, more commonly referred to as Free Space Optics
(FSO); provide the ability to deploy broadband solutions, on a globalized basis, without any frequency
licensing issues, RF congestion or latency issues that may limit the addressable applications (VOIP,
Digital Video, CCTV, etc). SONAbeam™ ‘s FSO technology uses invisible light beams to deliver highspeed wireless connectivity that is both secure and reliable and offers a broad spectrum of data rates
from 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps at distances up to 7 km, providing the ability to address the myriad of
requirements created by today’s converged solution networks.
SONAbeam™ Proven Solutions
Goal: To complete the implementation of a high
definition, real time video security & surveillance
Solution: A redundant path ring network comprised of
multiple SONAbeam™ 1250-M links and a number of
fiber runs.
Benefit: The SONAbeam™ links were used to
complete the ring in multiple locations where physical
barriers made laying fiber either impractical or
financially unfeasible. The quality transmission
characteristics of an all optical network were
Port Surveillance
Goal: To complete the implementation of a high definition,
integrated video security & surveillance network that included
CCTV, Access Control and Entrance control technology.
Network transmits video, telemetry and data information.
Solution: Network comprised of SONAbeam™ Gigabit links.
Benefits: Secure wireless connectivity, Gigabit capacity, all
weather availability
Airport Surveillance
Goal: Establish high-speed wireless network to enable transfer of
bandwidth intensive biometric security information.
Solution: Network comprised of multiple SONAbeam™ Fast-E links
Benefits: Secure wireless connectivity, Very high-capacity network,
Rapid installation
Base Biometric Security
Goal: Establish CCTV surveillance network
Solution: Network comprised of multiple SONAbeam™
Fast Ethernet Links
Benefits: Rapidly deployed, secure high-speed solution,
can be easily redeployed as needed. Improved QoS due to
all digital transport.
Base Surveillance
Compatible with your existing network infrastructure, SONAbeam™ deployment is simple and can be installed
and operational within hours. Extremely narrow laser beam widths ensure that there is almost no practical limit to
the number of separate FSO links that can be installed in a given location. Because the light beams are so
narrow, cross-talk is avoided regardless of the number of units installed in a single location. SONAbeam™’s FSO
transmission is not susceptible to the “bandwidth fade” common to other forms of wireless, and always provides
the full stated speed in both transmission directions. Because data is transmitted between points at the speed of
light, latency or “delay” is virtually non existent, and incidences of jitter, BER and other data transmission errors
are low. Inherently the most secure wireless technology available today due to its low probability of intercept
(LPI) and anti-jamming characteristics, SONAbeam™‘s 1550nm light beams are undetectable (invisible to naked
eye, nightvision goggles or spectrum/RF analyzers), produce no lobe emissions and can be fully encrypted.
Contact your local fSONA representative for more details on how you can extend the boundaries of your
surveillance network with the SONAbeam™ solution.
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