DGPROX 1-Door Stand-Alone Proximity Reader and

The Installer’s Choice
DGPROX 1-Door Stand-Alone Proximity Reader and Keypad
• 500 programmable proximity badges and
500 user codes
• 3 operating modes:
- Mode 0: badge and code
- Mode 1: badge only
- Mode 2: badge or code
• Audible & Visual feedback
• 1 request-to-exit input
• Tamper switch
• Input voltage: 12VAC/DC
• 1 door lock relay output
3A/125V N/O & N/C contact
• 1 alarm relay (buzzer, light, etc.) output
3A/125V NO/NC contact
Optional remote readers for DGPROX (Up to 50M (164ft) between the reader and the controller):
DGLP / DGLP/F I Proximity Reader
DGLI / DGLI/F I Proximity Reader
• Surface mount polycarbonate
• Reader range up to 8cm (3.5”)
• High Resistance to Vandalism
• LED visual feedback
• Input voltage: 12V ac/dc
• Reader range up to 10cm (4”)
• 4 pair cable wiring
• LED visual feedback
• Input voltage: 12V ac/dc
DGLIE I Flush Mount Proximity Reader
DGLP/60 I Long Range Proximity Reader
• Stainless steel flush mount proximity reader
• Dust/Weather/Vandal resistant
• Reader range up to 60cm (23.6”)
• Reader range up to 15cm (6”)
• Red/Green LEDs and Buzzer
• Power requirements: 12Vdc
• Power requirements: 12Vdc
DGLP/T I Proximity Reader
• Specifically designed to be mounted on
door frames or on audio entry panels
• Read range 6cm
• 25 mm mounting hole
• Input voltage: 12V AC/DC
Proximity Cards and Badges
Elegant leather key ring badge
Standard clamshell card
CP: Thin card for printing photos and text (ISO)
Rugged gray polycarbonate key ring badge
Stylish black polycarbonate tear drop badge
Specifications may change without prior notice. Printed in Canada - June 2015
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