TT-FFS Probe Tester
Test Device for TT-FFS Probe
Operating Instructions
General Information
Please read these instructions and keep them in a safe place. These
instructions must be followed carefully to ensure proper operation.
The TT-FFS Probe Tester is a battery powered device that provides the
capability of testing a TT-FFS Probe to determine whether it is functioning
properly. Designed for use in ordinary areas, the TT-FFS Probe Tester is a
hand held device used to evaluate the operational state of a TT-FFS Probe.
It produces flashing signals with bright red LEDs that identify different
operational conditions of the TT-FFS Probe.
The TT-FFS Probe Tester also monitors its battery voltage and produces a
special DOUBLE Flash signal when the batteries need replacing.
The TT-FFS Probe Tester utilizes the same cable connection hardware as the
TT-FFS Probe. When the TT-FFS Probe Tester is properly connected to a TTFFS Probe, the TT-FFS Probe Tester may produce a SINGLE Flash signal, or a
NO Flash signal, to indicate the operational state of the TT-FFS Probe. Follow
the specific steps described in these Operating Instructions to determine the
operational state of the TT-FFS Probe.
Keep the TT-FFS Probe Tester in a dry place that provides temperature
stability in between uses. Avoid impacts that might damage the device.
Product Characteristics
Light source
Battery information
Projected battery life
Recommended battery replacement interval
Duration of low battery signal
Maximum ambient temperature
Minimum ambient temperature
0.3 kg (0.7 lb) nominal
3 high intensity, high efficiency red LEDs
2 “AA” Alkaline Long Life
1 year – nominal
1 year or whenever low battery signal is detected
Minimum 30 days at 20°C (68°F)
40°C (104°F)
–20°C (–4°F)
Operating Instructions
Follow the guidelines discussed in the flow chart sequence on page 2 to evaluate the operational state of any TT-FFS Probe.
Note: A TT-FFS Probe with MC series metal connector can be connected directly to the TT-FFS Probe Tester as shown in Photos 1 and 1A.
Note: A TT-FFS Probe without metal connector (L series) can be connected with the TT-FFS-ALLIGATOR4CLIP-MC cable end adaptor as shown in
Photos 2 and 2A. The 4 colored alligator clip wires should be connected to the corresponding colored wires of the TT-FFS Probe.
Photo 2
Photo 1
Photo 1A
Photo 2A
TT-FFS Probe Tester Operating Instructions
Connect TT-FFS Probe Tester test
plug to cable end termination.
Are LEDs
double flashing at 2
second intervals?
Battery voltage is low,
replace batteries.
Press and hold RED test button.
TT-FFS Probe is in alarm
condition. Attempt reset
procedure per H58307
TT-FFS Probe care and
cleaning instruction. DO
Press and hold RED test button.
Are LEDs single
flashing each second?
Are LEDs single
flashing each second?
Are LEDs single
flashing each second?
TT-FFS Probe has
internal wire damage or
connector damage. DO
Batteries are OK. Release RED test
button, connect TT-FFS Probe Tester to
TT-FFS Probe directly, or with alligator4
clip adapter.
Batteries are completely dead, or TT-FFS Probe
Tester is damaged. Replace batteries and
repeat this test step. If single flash test still
fails, the TT-FFS Probe Tester must be replaced.
Release RED test
button, TT-FFS Probe
is good. Return to
service or spares
Battery Replacement
The TT-FFS Probe Tester is a powered by two “AA” Alkaline Long Life
• The battery replacement for the TT-FFS Probe Tester should be performed
in a work shop or other nonhazardous location.
• Place a soft towel on the work surface.
• Position the TT-FFS Probe Tester face down, with the LEDs resting on the
soft towel.
• Loosen the four screws securing the back cover of the TT-FFS Probe Tester,
being careful not to put excessive force on the unit, which might result in
damage to the LEDs.
• Remove the back cover taking care to not lose any of the four screws. Now
the black battery cover is visible in the interior of the TT-FFS Probe Tester.
• Loosen the small screw on the battery cover, then remove the battery cover.
• Remove the old batteries, replace with fresh batteries and verify batteries
are installed correctly.
• Reposition the battery cover and tighten the small battery cover screw.
• Replace the back cover of the TT-FFS Probe Tester, and tighten the four
screws evenly.
Under normal conditions, when the test plug is connected to the cable end
termination, the TT-FFS Probe Tester will not be flashing.
If the batteries reach a low voltage condition, the TT-FFS Probe Tester will
DOUBLE Flash at 2 second interval continuously, and maintain the DOUBLE
Flash signal for about 1 month before the battery voltage drops to an
unusable level. It does not matter if the test plug is connected to the cable
end termination, or to a TT-FFS Probe, the DOUBLE Flash signal will still be
produced as long as the battery voltage is low.
Note: If the batteries are completely dead, the TT-FFS Probe
Tester will stop its DOUBLE Flash. The TT-FFS Probe Tester will not
be able to signal the low battery condition, or properly evaluate the
condition of a TT-FFS Probe.
Battery Lifetime
• Two “AA” Alkaline Long Life batteries can be expected to provide service
for nominally one year. However, under extreme high and low temperature
conditions, battery service life may be reduced relative to nominal
Dispose of the old batteries properly. Do not throw away the
old batteries in a garbage receptacle; take them to your locally
approved collection center for recycling.
Battery lifetime also depends on how much flashing is required as part of the
TT-FFS Probe evaluation testing.
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