ANS100 Ruggedized
Network Switch
• High temperature testing,
Methods 501.1, Proc I & II,
storage and operating except
+26.7 de C for high operating
• Low temperature, method 502.1,
Proc I, both storage and
operating except +4.4 deg C for
operating & -30 deg C for storage
• Altitude, Method 504.1, Category
1 except 45,100 feet and 1,000
feet for extremesVibration, 2.05
GRMS for up 2 hours per axis, 3
• Shock , Method 516.2, Proc II, 40
Gs & 11 ms, sawtooth, 3 shocks in
each direction of 3 axes
Acceleration, 3 Gs in each of six
directions for one
minuteHumidity, Method 507.1
Proc II
• Meets MIL-STD-461 EMC Testing
CE102 section 3.2.1, CS114
section 3.2.1, RS103, 10kHz to 18
GHz, @ 60 V/m max section
3.2.1, Lighting induced transient
susceptability design testing
section, Power line spike
susceptability design & testing
Phillips Aerospace
16125 East Gale Ave.
Industry Ca 91745
(626) 855-4600
Phillips’ ANS100 ATM and Fast Ethernet Switch
unit is a fully ruggedized rack mount system with
mil-spec copper and optical interfaces. The unit
has 15 ATM ports and 24 Fast Ethernet ports.
ATM Section
• Fully non-blocking 2.5 Gbps ASIC-based cell
switch fabric
• High-performance multicast design with
extremelylow latency
• Fully dynamic allocation of shared buffers
ensuring optimal protection against congestion
• Wide variety of physical interfaces from to 155,
622 Mbps and DS-3/E-3; media types from UTP-5
to MMF & SMF
• Fast, efficient UNI signaling engine provides rapid
SVC call set-up
• ATM Forum signaling support includes translation
between UNI 3.0, UNI 3.1 and UNI 4.0
• ATM Forum IISP and PNNI
• Built-in LAN servers and clients include support
for ATM Forum LANE 1.0, LANE 2.0 (future) and
IETF Classical IP over ATM Plug-and-play
operation includes ILMI-based autodiscovery and
hardware autoconfiguration
• Advanced Early Packer Discard and Partial
Packet DiscardManagement via SNMP and
• ATM Interfaces: OC-3c/STM-1, OC-12c/STM-4,
DS-3, E3
• Console Port: RS-232c compliant; RJ45
• Ethernet Port: IEEE 802.3 compliant; RJ45
• CPU Main Processor: i960CF, 33 MHz, FastCast
• LANE Bus Processor: R4700, 150 MHz
• Switching Engine: 2.5 Gbps, non-blocking
• Switch Latency: 10 microseconds
• DRAM Memory: 40 MB (32 MB + 8 MB)
• FLASH Memory: 8 MB
The unit complies with MIL-STD-461 for EMI/EMC
and MIL-STD-810 for environmental. The
system’s power supply is ruggedized and
tolerates extended power dropouts, spikes, and
other power variations.
The unit features complete shock isolation of all
electronics, built-in fans, replaceable filters, an
access panel, and a flight quality circuit
Specifications Continued
Ethernet Section
• Fast Ethernet Interfaces: CAT5 10/100bT
• Serial Port: RS-232c compliant; RJ45 connector
• High performance, with throughput of 2 million
pps and bandwidth of 3.3 Gbps
• Smart Trunk allows for the combination of
multiple ports to create scalable, high-bandwidth
inter-switch links
• Full duplex support and 10/100 auto-negotiation
on all ports allow the bandwidth capacity to scale
• Complies with industry standards, including
emerging 802.1Q VLAN standard, 802.3x flow
control standard, and 802.1p class of service
• Provides full SNMP management and nine groups
• Smart Mirror allows local network traffic to be redirected to an external probe
• Management Processor: Intel i960 ® HD RISC
• Switching Engine: Custom SmartSwitch ASIC
• MAIN Memory: 16 MB expandable to 32 MB
• Buffer Memory: 4 MB
• FLASH Memory: 8 MB expandable to 16 MB
• Address Table Size: 16,000 entries
• Performance Throughput Capacity: 2,000,000 pps
• Switching Bandwidth Capacity: 3.3 Gbps
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