During the warranty period, KitchenAid Africa will cover all costs, including service labour, spare parts
and courier fees for all KitchenAid products that can be found on https://www.kitchenaidafrica.com/
This warranty only applies to products bought within South Africa:
- Artisan Stand Mixer : models 5KSM150PS; 175PS; 125: 5 years limited warranty
- Artisan Blender : model 5KSB5553: 3 years limited warranty
- Artisan Kettle : model 5KEK1522: 3 years limited warranty
- Artisan Toaster : model 5KMT4205 and model 5KMT2204: 5 years limited warranty
- Artisan Food Processor : model 5KFP1644 : 3 years limited warranty
- Artisan Cordless Hand Blender : model 5KHB3581: 3 years limited warranty
- Artisan Espresso Machine : model 5KES2102: 3 years limited warranty
- Artisan Burr Grinder : model 5KCG0702: 2 years limited warranty
- Artisan Maximum Extraction Juicer: 5 years limited warranty
- Artisan Centrifugal Juicer: 2 years limited warranty
- Chopper : model 5KFC3515: 2 years limited warranty
- Heavy Duty Stand Mixer : model 5KPM5: 1 year limited warranty
- Professional Stand mixer : model 5KSM7990: 1 year limited warranty
The warranty starts on the date of purchase of the above mentioned products. The presentation of the
proof of purchase or invoice constitutes your proof of warranty.
For the duration warranty, KitchenAid Africa. covers all costs for service labour, spare parts and courier
Once the warranty expires, all costs are charged to the final customer. The final customer must accept
the offer proposed by the service centre.
All the above mentioned items (excluding the Heavy Duty and Professional models) are intended for
domestic use only. If these items are used for professional purposes,
the warranty does not apply.
- The warranty does not apply in case of normal wear and tear, improper use, failure to follow the
instruction for use or
incorrect electric tension.
- KitchenAid product warranties vary according to the country or territory where the product was
originally purchased.
- The consumers can find the official KitchenAid Africa service centre on the website
- The warranty ceases to apply in case the purchaser or a non-authorised third party modifies the
KitchenAid Africa
T +27 21 5550700
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