Miniature 1-Channel RF Receiver &

Miniature 1-Channel RF Receiver & Transmitters
SK-910RAQ 1-Channel Receiver – 1Amp Relay Output
SK-910RAVQ 1-Channel Receiver – Transistor Group O/P
• Four programmable output modes:
4-Second Momentary Output
-- Validity Output
Toggle Output
-- 1-Second Momentary Output
• Flexible operating voltage: SK-910RAQ: 11~24 VAC/VDC
SK-910RAVQ: 3-13.8 VDC
33/16”x 29/16”x3/4”
(80x65x19 mm)
• Up to 500ft (152m) range*.
• Controls garage doors, gates, house lights, alarm panels, or other devices via remote.
• Compatible with all 315MHz SECO-LARM transmitters (fixed code and CODEBUMP).
• LED indicates RF reception, learn mode entered, transmitter learned, memory cleared,
and relay output mode.
Factory Pre-Coded Transmitter
DIP-Switch-coded Transmitter
Operates up to 500ft (152m), 315MHz*.
LED transmission indicator.
Includes 12VDC alkaline battery.
Compatible with all 315MHz SECO-LARM receivers.
SK-919TD1S-UP: Over 68 billion possible codes.
SK-919TT1S-BU: Use for “block coding” a large number of transmitters with the
same code, or for simple matching of a transmitter already in use.
11/4”x 21/4”x11/2”
(32x63x38 mm)
213/16”x 31/2”x1/2”
(71x89x13 mm)
One-Button Handheld SK-910RA and SK-910RAVQ
Operates up to 500ft (152m), 315MHz*.
Over 68 billion (6.8x1010) possible codes.
Includes two 3VDC lithium batteries.
Visor clip and belt clip included. Belt-clip holster & wall-mount
bracket also available (Model: SK-9HBC).
• Slimline design.
Operating voltage
11~24 VAC/VDC
3~13.8 VDC
Current Draw
5mA Standby, 50mA
LED flashing @ 12VDC
5mA Standby, 15mA
LED flashing @ 12VDC
Output Mode
# of outputs
Output Type
*Actual range may vary greatly depending on the installation and operating
Up to 500’ (150m) in open air
Programmable 4s momentary (default),
1s momentary, toggle (ON/OFF), validity
1A Relay (NO/NC/COM)
5A Transistor GND
Compatible with all SECO-LARM transmitters
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