MD Series Hard Disk Mobile DVR Main Features Specifications

MD Series Hard Disk Mobile DVR
Model: Hero-MD30-04
Main Features
4 channel video& audio in and 2 channel video& audio out Standard H.264
video compression and optimized stream control Dual streaming technology
Compact metal body and special 3rd generation anti-vibration physical
Built-in web server, fully supports IE viewing and configuration
Solid cable connection (Din-Jack) for video inputs and output
8 sensor in and 2 sensor out
Wide power input range up to 8~36VDC GPS module and 3D inertia sensor
3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity available
Completed back office software supported (C/S structure) Support 360 degree installation
Fearless for vibration
As we know, the hard disk can't resist fierce vibration when it's working, and precisely, Mobile DVR is
used to be installed in vehicle. So how to protect the hard disk is key point to ensure the safety of
evidence and metadata. We innovated the 3rd generation spring mechanism design which will take a 360
degree buffer effect to the hard disk and make it possible to be installed on any surface inside the
GPS tracing and real-time video
Hero-MD30-04 MDVR support GPS tracing function.
The machine will gather the location info and write it to its storage medium. If the network is available,
the GPS location info can be uploaded to back office automatically and continuously. Meanwhile, video is
captured and recorded in storage medium as well. If alarm triggered, the video can be marked and
pushed to client software so as to remind the staffs in remote centre to take an action.
Wide power range and solid electrical connection
Since the power of vehicle is not stable, Hero-MD30-04 MDVR supports wide power range up to
8~36VDC. In the same time, all the cable connector are special type, such as Din-jack connector that can
transfer power, audio and video or other data simultaneously.
Special file system
To secure the evidence and metadata, we not only adopt water mark technology, but also create a special
file system to prevent against distortion. This is a "write first" file system, which can make it possible that
the hard disk will save the important evidence immediately before the MDVR loss the power.
Completed back office software kit
Howen has developed a completed back office software kit for end to end vehicle surveillance solution
implementation. Its database function contains a lot reports, such as, alarm report, GPS report, status
report and so on. This software kit can help the client establish an data centre quickly.
Embedded Linux Email:
Tel: +86-755-86315495 Fax: +86-755-86315496
Control mode
Function overview
Video Input
Video Output
Video system
Audio input
Audio output
A/V compression
Recording resource
Image resolution
Image quality
Recording mode
File packing time
Mirror recording
Display split
Operation interface
Playback & Backup
Playback channel
Search mode
Backup mode
SD card
Operation Temp.
Operation humidity
Input voltage
Output voltage
Dimension (L x W x H)
IR controller, Control panel, Network
Live view, recording, playback, GPS location tracking
Video & Audio
4 Channels (Din-jack x 4)
2 Channels (Din-jack x 2)
4 Channels (Din-jack x 4)
2 Channels (Din-jack x 2)
H.264 / ADPCM
D1@100fps, PAL
D1 / HD1 / CIF
1~8 levels optional (1 is the best)
General / schedule / alarm trigger
15, 30, 45, 60 minutes
Maximum 60 minutes
Maximum 30 minutes
1 / 4 Channels
GPS info, Alarm, Voltage, Firmware version, MCU version, device info
Semi-transparent GUI
1 / 4 (1 channel by local playback, 4 channels by playback software)
Date/time, channel, file type
USB, HDD, Network
Rj45 Port (10/100M Base-T)
HSPA / EVDO optional
802.11 b/g/n, external
GPS location tracking , speed detection and time sync function
Storage medium
2.5" SATA Hard disk, Max. capacity up to 1TB
USB1.0 x1, USB2.0 x1
RS232 x2
RS 485 x2
8 inputs, 2 outputs
GPS, 3G, Wifi
4 pin debug interface
o -25 C~+55 C (Built-in heater works if the temperature
10%~90%, no condensation
12V@1A, 5V@1A
12W (without cameras and any accessories)
202 x 162 x 66mm
2.8 kg Email:
Tel: +86-755-86315495 Fax: +86-755-86315496
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