MS Word I: Introduction and Basic Word 2013/2016

MS Word I: Introduction and Basic Word
Sub-Topic 1
Understanding Show/Hide Non-Printing Characters
What do the Show/Hide formatting marks mean?
Sub-Topic 2
Selecting and Scrolling Long Documents
Mouse and Keyboard Methods of Moving the insertion point, scrolling,
and selecting various blocks of text.
Sub-Topic 3
Basic Editing
Using the Backspace and Delete keys, text wrapping, non-breaking
space and line breaks
Sub-Topic 4
More Elaborate Editing Methods
Understanding Spell and Grammar Checker, Thesaurus and Translation
Sub-Topic 5
Learning to Move, Copy and Paste Text Between Computer Drives
Mouse and Keyboard Methods of moving and copying various blocks of
Sub-Topic 6
Understanding Character Formatting
Learn about different typeface designs, font sizes, styles, and colors and
advanced character spacing
Sub-Topic 7
How to Change the Case Of Selected Text.
The Change Case Command allows you to choose between sentence,
upper case, lower case, title case and toggle case
Sub-Topic 8
Understanding Paragraph Formatting
Learn about different paragraph alignments, indents and spacing
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