Prescription Printing The perfect companion to e

Prescription Printing
DYMO Practice Management Solutions
The perfect companion
to e-prescribing.
Quick stats:
A growing trend among healthcare providers, e-prescribing helps to reduce errors
and increase efficiency for both the provider and pharmacy. In many states,
practitioners are subject to state regulations regarding how controlled substances
are prescribed, which can limit their ability to e-prescribe. The challenge for
providers is how to bridge the gap between the efficiency of e-prescribing and
Between 1.5%-4.0% of
handwritten prescriptions
are in error with adverse
drug events occuring
in 5.0%-18.0% of
ambulatory patients.
the increased potential for error as a result of handwritten prescriptions.
SureScripts Report
November 2011
DYMO LabelWriter® 4XL for prescriptions:
The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL provides the ideal solution for any practice seeking a dedicated
prescription printer for everyday use, or as a companion printer for prescribing Schedule
II medications with an e-prescribing system. The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is compact and
cost-efficient, uses thermal print technology, and eliminates the need for costly ink and
toner. Print directly to thermal paper and state-mandated secure thermal rolls, for seamless
and secure prescription printing.
Why DYMO for prescription printing?
The answer is simple…
1 Easy EHR/Practice Management integration
DYMO Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the
resources needed to easily integrate label printing
with an EHR/Practice Management system
2 Secure solution
Dedicated printer helps to control access to
prescription blanks and reduce risk of fraud
3 Compact footprint
Small 7"x7" footprint helps to maximize limited
work space
4 Cost effective
DYMO thermal technology eliminates the need for
costly ink and toner
5 Streamline workflow
Dedicated DYMO printer within the workflow
eliminates the need to tie up larger, multi-purpose
office printers for printing prescriptions
6 Network capability
DYMO Print Server* enables prescription printing
from any access point in the office to the dedicated
LabelWriter 4XL printer
* Sold Separately
DYMO prescription solutions
Item #
LabelWriter® 4XL
Print Method
Direct Thermal
Print Resolution
Print Speed
300 DPI
3.18 in/sec (80.77 mm/sec)
Max Print Width
4.16 in (106 mm)
Max Media Width
4.24 in (115 mm)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
7.00 x 7.38 x 5.33 in
(17.8 x 18.5 x 13.4 cm)
Also compatible with
LabelWriter® Print Server
The LabelWriter Print Server works exclusively
with all LabelWriter 450 series and 4XL label
printers. Just connect the print server to your
LabelWriter and network to begin sharing all
the benefits of printing from any networked
PC or Mac® in the office.
System Requirements
PC: Windows® XP (32 bit), or Vista®
(32 or 64 bit)
Core Size
1.00 in (25.4 mm)
Mac: OS® v10.3.9 or later (LabelWriter
Duo requiresMac OS® v10.5 or later)
2 Years
USB 2.0
Ethernet connection,10MB of hard disk
space, and CD-ROM drive
Power Requirements
24 VDC 3.75 A
System Requirements
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®,
Windows® 7 or Mac OS® v10.4 or later
Also Available
DYMO Software
Development Kit (SDK)
Resources that simplify integration
of DYMO technology
CardScan® Image Capture
Simple, compact, reliable support for
your electronic health records
CardScan Image Capture accurately captures
driver’s licenses, insurance cards and other
patient information for image only input into
patient records.
Whether you’re developing for Windows®,
Linux® or a custom embedded system, you’ll find
the SDK you need to integrate LabelWriter or
LabelManager® label printing technology into
your product.
DYMO. Your partner in healthcare identification.
Nowhere is accurate information more critical than in healthcare. Affordable,
on-demand labeling solutions are essential to improving patient care and safety.
See how we’re helping improve patient care by responding to the unique needs
of hospitals, practices and laboratories across the globe.
Visit to learn more about healthcare
identification solutions from DYMO.
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